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Title: 未婚男性性別角色態度、知覺父母婚姻關係對婚姻態度影響之研究--以北部地區高科技產業人員為例
The Study of Unmarried Male Gender-Role Attitudes, Perceptions of Parents’ Marital Relationship and Marriage Attitudes
Authors: 黃馨慧
Hsin-huei Huang
Ying-yu Lin
Keywords: 性別角色態度
Gender-role attitude
perception of parents’ marital relationship
marital attitude
high-tech industry
unmarried male
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究目的在於瞭解高科技產業未婚男性的性別角色態度、知覺父母婚姻關係及婚姻態度之現況,並探討影響高科技產業未婚男性婚姻態度的因素。為達上述研究目標,本研究以台灣北部地區之高科技產業研發相關未婚男性工程師364名為研究對象,使用「性別角色態度量表」、「知覺父母婚姻關係量表」及「婚姻態度量表」為研究工具,調查所得資料以描述性統計分析、t考驗、單因子變異數分析、Pearson積差相關、多元迴歸分析等統計方法進行資料分析,主要結果發現如下: 一、高科技產業未婚男性對其自身性別角色態度的看法持較現代的態度。 二、高科技產業未婚男性知覺其父母婚姻關係多為良好。 三、高科技產業未婚男性的婚姻態度多持正向的態度。 四、高科技產業未婚男性之不同年齡、異性交往經驗、在婚姻態度上有顯著差 異存在。 五、高科技產業未婚男性的性別角色態度與婚姻態度有顯著相關。 六、高科技產業未婚男性知覺父母婚姻關係與婚姻態度有顯著相關。 七、年齡、異性交往經驗、性別角色態度之「家庭內權利與分工」、「兩性互 動與關係」與知覺父母婚姻關係,此五個變項對高科技產業未婚男性的婚 姻態度有顯著解釋力。 本研究根據以上結果提出建議,作為未婚男性、婚前教育相關課程設計、學校親職教育、社會環境與大眾媒體及未來研究之參考。
The purpose of this study is to understand the gender-role attitudes, perception of parents’ marital relationship and marital attitudes in the unmarried male who working in the high-tech industry. For exploring factors that influence the unmarried men’s marital attitudes, there are 364 unmarried males who working in the high-tech industry from north area of Taiwan involved in this study. The data from the questionnaires were statistically analyzed by descriptive statistics, t-test, one-way ANOVA, Pearson product-moment correlation, and multiple linear regressions. The major findings of this study were as follow. 1. In general, the unmarried men of working in the high- tech industry have positive modern gender-role attitudes. 2. The unmarried men of working in high-tech industry tend to percept parents’ marital relationship well. 3. The unmarried men of working in high-tech industry tend to have higher marital attitudes. 4. The unmarried men’s ages as well as love experience are found to lead a significant difference in marital attitudes. 5. The unmarried men’s gender-role attitudes have a significant correlation with marriage attitudes. 6. The unmarried men’s perception parents’ marital relationship has a significant correlation with marital attitudes. 7. The unmarried men’s age, love experience, gender-role attitudes and perception parents’ marital relationship are found in predicting the marital attitudes. Concrete suggestions based on the findings are presented in the end for premarital education organization, social environment, and future studies.
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