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Title: 婚姻規範性承諾與婚姻穩定之關聯探討
The Association between Moral Commitment and Marital Stability
Authors: 林如萍
Lin, Ju-Ping
Chen, Po-Heng
Keywords: 婚姻規範性承諾
Moral Commitment
Marital Stability
Latent Class Analysis
Taiwan Social Change Survey
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 過往來說,針對婚姻承諾的研究多專注於「愛與依附」,少有針對規範性承諾的研究,且研究方法上過往都以加總、分面向來討論。而以婚姻穩定為主題的研究,多發現知覺滿意有關。但除了滿意外,是否有其他穩定婚姻的因素呢?因此,本研究目的有二:第一,探索婚姻規範性承諾之類型及影響因素;第二,婚姻規範性承諾與婚姻穩定之關聯。 本研究使用「臺灣社會變遷基本調查」六期二次已婚者之資料,共1086個樣本,進行資料分析。潛在類別分析的結果顯示,依「婚姻重視度」及「離婚接受度」為指標,可將已婚者的婚姻規範性承諾類型分成以下三類:「夫妻關係本位型」、「婚姻制度本位型」、「子女福祉本位型」。以多項式邏輯斯迴歸分析類型的影響因素發現:影響婚姻規範性承諾類型的因素大致符合現代化理論;最後使用邏輯斯迴歸分析婚姻穩定之因素,結果顯示:除婚姻滿意外,婚姻規範性承諾為穩定婚姻的重要因素。本研究也依據研究結果針對家庭生活教育、一般民眾及未來研究給予建議。
In the past, most studies aimed at commitment were more focused on “love and attachment,” but fewer on “moral commitment.” Researches had shown that marital satisfaction is the key to stability, but are there any other factors? Therefore, this study had two objectives. The first was to investigate the latent class of moral commitment and to examine whether the factors affect moral commitment. The second was to examine the association between moral commitment and marital stability. The data came from Taiwan Social Change Survey (2011), the sample consisted of 1086 Taiwanese married individuals. The result of latent class analysis showed there are three types of moral commitment: Relation-oriented, Marriage-oriented and Children-oriented. The results of multi-nominal logistic regression showed that the factors affect moral commitment are corresponded to Modernization Theory. According to the results of logistic regression, except marital satisfaction, moral commitment is another factor of marital stability. Through the findings, suggestions are made for family life education, the general and future studies.
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