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Title: 中年父母的親子衝突與親子關係滿意: 夫妻支持之作用
Parent-Adolescent Conflict and Relationships Satisfaction of Middle-aged Parents: The Effects of Marital Support
Authors: 林如萍
Lin, Ju-Ping
Hsiao, Yu-Fan
Keywords: 親子關係滿意
parent-child relationships satisfaction
parent-adolescent conflict
marital support
middle-aged parents
adolescent children
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討中年父母與高中階段青少年子女的親子衝突對親子關係滿意之影響,並檢驗中年父母之間的夫妻支持對於親子關係滿意的調節機制。運用2005年台灣中央研究院社會學研究所「台灣青少年成長歷程研究計畫」蒐集之高三階段資料,選取受訪青少年之父母為樣本共計1,253份,以多元迴歸分析探討親子衝突、夫妻支持對親子關係滿意之影響,並進一步以交互作用變項檢視夫妻支持與親子衝突對親子關係滿意的影響是否存在調節機制。本研究主要發現如下: 一、中年父母與高中階段青少年子女的親子衝突不高;中年夫妻普遍感受到的配偶給予的高度支持,並且,男性相較女性感受到配偶給予較多的支持行為。 二、對於中年父母和青少年子女的親子關係而言,親子衝突對於親子關係滿意均有顯著的負面影響,而當中年父母感受到配偶給予支持,則對親子關係滿意有正向影響力。 三、對於家有高中階段青少年子女的家庭,夫妻支持不會改變親子衝突對於親子關係滿意程度的負向影響,整體來說,影響中年父母感受親子關係滿意的因素是:親子互動中的親子衝突與婚姻互動的夫妻支持。
The purpose of this study is to exam parent-child conflicts and relationships satisfaction for middle-aged parents with adolescent children. It is also to test the moderated effect of marital support. The data used in this study are from the Taiwan Youth Project, which surveyed at 2005. The selected samples comprise 1,253 parents, aged between 40 to 64, with at least one adolescent child at senior high. Multiple Regression Analysis is used in examining the influence of parent-child conflict and marital support on parent-child relationships satisfaction. Furthermore, we investigated whether parent-child relationships satisfaction is moderated by marital support and parent-child conflicts. The results indicated the following findings. First, the conflict frequency was not high between middle-aged parents and adolescent children at senior high. Middle-aged couples felt high marital support from their spouse, and the feelings of being supported by their spouse are stronger in male than female. Second, parent-adolescent conflicts have negative impacts on the parent-child relationships satisfaction while marital support from spouses has positive impacts on parent-child relationship satisfaction. Finally, marital support would not moderate the impact on the parent-child relationships satisfaction resulting from parent-adolescent conflicts. In sum, parent-child relationship satisfaction was influenced by two factors: parent-adolescent conflicts and marital support.
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