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Title: 內省智能、偶像明星及重要他人對國中生身體意象的影響〜以台南市為例
Intra-personal Intelligence, Idol star, Peers and Parents' Impact on Junior High School Student's Body Image in Tainan
Authors: 黃馨慧博士
Wu, Mei-hui
Keywords: 內省智能
intra-personal intelligence
idol star
peers and parents
body image
unior high school student
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討內省智能、偶像明星及重要他人對國中生身體意象的影響。以台南市九十四學年度第二學期之全部學生為研究母群體,採多階段分層隨機抽樣,共獲得有效問卷629份。本研究以「身體意象量表」、「內省智能量表」、「偶像明星的身體意象訊息量表」、「對重要他人評價的看法量表」為研究工具。所得資料以描述統計、t檢定、單因子變異數分析、皮爾遜積差相關、多元迴歸等統計方法進行分析。歸納結果如下: 一、男生對自己整體身體的看法(外表、體能、健康等層面)較女生為正向、積極。男生比較重視體能運動;而女生則重視外表修飾。女生明顯比男生在意體重的變化,而且容易主觀的高估自身的肥胖程度。就身體各部分滿意度來看,男、女生皆對頭髮、健康、臉部較滿意,對體重和身高較不滿意,女生尤其對腰部以及容易囤積脂肪的下半身不滿意。 二、體重「過重」或「肥胖」、有被嘲笑經驗、發育「太早」和「太晚」的學生對自己的外表、體能、健康評價和身體各部分滿意度愈低,愈不注重體能訓練,但是較為關注體重變化及容易自覺體重較重。 三、青少年的內省智能愈高時,對身體意象的看法與評價愈正向、積極,其對於自己外表、體能和健康感到愈滿意,以及對於自己體能和健康的關注程度亦愈高。愈會去懷疑偶像明星身材外表的真實性。也愈不在乎外表被嘲笑。 四、女生比男生認同偶像明星的身材,承受偶像明星的身材外表所造成的社會壓力也比男生大。比較會學習、模仿偶像明星的外表裝扮,減肥的意願也比男生高,對外表的修飾也投入較多心力。 五、愈在乎父母、同儕評價者,其對體重的變化愈注意、自覺體重愈重、對身體各部分愈不滿意,在身體外表的修飾投入越多,但對自己的健康評價愈差。 六、整體而言,以內省智能為預測身體意象的最佳變項,其次是社會壓力、認同度、發育情形和性別等變項具顯著意義。
This research aims at probing into intra-personal Intelligence, idol star, peers and parents' impact on junior high school student's body image. Through stratified cluster random sampling, the study group was composed of students in Tainan. They completed self-administered questionnaires which included the Multidimensional Body- Self Relations Questionnaire (MBSRQ), the Intra-personal Intelligence Questionnaire, the Idol Star's Information of Body image Questionnaire and the View that Peers and Parents' evaluation Questionnaire. Data analyses included t-test, one-way ANOVA, Pearson product-moment correlation, and enter regression analysis. The main results are shown as followed: (1) The adolescent boys’ body image tend to be more positive than the adolescent girls. The adolescent boys relatively pay more attention to physical activities. The adolescent girls pay more attention on decoration of body appearance and obviously take notice on the change of the weight more than boys, and the easy to be subjective on over-evaluates one's own level of obesity . So far as every part of satisfaction on the body, the adolescent boys and girls are all relatively satisfied with the hair , health , face, relatively unsatisfied with the weight and height. The adolescent girls are especially unsatisfied with the waist and below where easy for fat accumulation (2)The one who is overweight or obese, has humiliation experience, develops too early and too late having the lower evaluation of appearance, fitness , and health and has the lower body-areas satisfaction , the pay less attention to physical activities , but comparatively pay attention to the thing that the weight changes and thinks that his weight is relatively heavy. (3) The adolescent boys and girls exhibit their body image more positively, are satisfied with their own appearance, fitness and health, have the higher orientation of fitness and health , suspect authenticity of the idol star's appearance, and do not relatively mind that appearance is humiliated when being the higher intra-personal intelligence (4) The adolescent girls approve idol star's appearance than the boys and bear the more social pressure that the idol star's stature appearance causes than the boys. The adolescent girls dress up to imitate idol star's dressing, the will of reducing weight is higher than the adolescent boys and invest more strength to the decoration of appearance, too. (5)To those who cares on the parent’s and the peer’s evaluation pay attention to the thing that the weight changes and thinks that his weight is relatively heavy, are unsatisfied with their own body , invest more strength to the decoration of appearance , but evaluate worse to one's own health. (6) Overall intra-personal intelligence is the best indicator of predictability for adolescent body image. The secondary indicators are social pressure, Identification, development situation and sex in the whole. Key word: intra-personal intelligence, idol star, peers and parents, body image, junior high school student
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