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Title: 主題式課程的數學系列活動對幼兒數學能力發展影響之研究
The Effects of Mathematics Activities within Thematic Curriculum on Young Children's Mathematics Ability
Authors: 鍾志從
Keywords: 幼兒
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解主題式課程數學系列活動對幼兒數學能力發展是否有顯著影響。研究者探討四歲受試幼兒數學能力發展的目前水準,並發展主題式課程數學系列活動,以探討主題式課程數學系列活動對四歲受試幼兒數學能力改變之效果。本研究採準實驗研究設計,以立意取樣的方式,以台北縣某縣立幼稚園兩班四歲幼兒共五十六位為研究對象。實驗組(n=28)接受每週二次,每次約三十至四十分鐘的「主題式課程數學系列活動」的教學活動介入,而對照組(n=28)則進行一般幼稚園的主題活動。在介入前、介入後一週及後測結束後一個月分別對實驗組及對照組幼兒一對一進行「幼兒數學能力測驗-第二版」(TEMA-2)的前測、後測及後後測,以瞭解教學活動介入後的成效。研究發現: 一、本研究受試幼兒在實驗介入前於「幼兒數學能力測驗-第二版」(TEMA-2)之平均數學商數依標準化數學能力指標均列為中等,實驗介入後,實驗組則提昇至中上水準,而控制組沒有改變。 二、主題式課程數學系列活動介入後對實驗組受試幼兒的數學能力的提昇有顯著成效,再經一個月的延宕時間,主題式課程數學系列活動介入對實驗組幼兒亦有保留效果。 三、主題式課程中數學系列活動的介入對幼兒數學能力的成效不因性別而有顯著差異;但會因家庭社經地位之不同而有顯著差異,且高家庭社經地位之幼兒顯著高於低家庭社經地位之幼兒。
Abstract The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of mathematics activites within thematic curriculum on young children’s mathematics ability. This study adopted quasi-experimental design to investigate 56 four-years-old children via purposive sampling. 28 four-years-old children as the experimental group were performed mathematics activities within thematic curriculum in 30 to 40 minutes twice per week while other children as the control group received common thematic curriculum in the meantime. A pre-test, the post-test and another test after the post-test for early mathematics ability were respectively executed to both groups to investigate the effort of these activities before this experiment was carried on, after a week since this experiment ended and a month when the post-test finished. The experiment results revealed: 1.Children originally having medium math quotient in standard mathematics ability index according to the test of early mathematics ability (TEMA-2) possessed improved quotient while children in the control group maintained unchanged quotient. 2.Mathematics activities within thematic curriculum effectively enhanced children’s mathematics abilities among the experimental group. After a month, they were still positively influenced by the mathematics activities within thematic curriculum. 3.No obvious difference in children’s mathematics abilities was induced by genders when mathematics activities within thematic curriculum were performed; however, a huge difference was resulted from the family social position. The higher that family social position is, the higher that children’s mathematics ability is obtained.
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