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Title: 國小子女數位媒介使用父母介入經驗之研究
Parental Mediation of Children’s Digital Media Use In Taiwan
Authors: 黃迺毓
Huang, Nei-Yuh
Liu, Jung-Hsiang
Keywords: 父母介入
parental mediation
digital media
primary caregiver
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解父母面對國小子女數位媒介使用時之家人互動過程、介入經驗之真實感受與體認以及主要照顧者在此過程中之因應與努力。為達上述目的本研究先進行5個月前驅研究,分別在三個都會區取得282份主要照顧者的家庭數位使用紀錄單,並對12位家長進行試訪,同時邀請5位記錄一周家中使用數位媒介之情形,且對家中至少使用數位媒介一年以上經驗之兩對夫妻進行對偶深度訪談之試訪,從前驅研究中修整訪談綱要與對象考量,最終邀請三個家庭之主要照顧者(低年級、中年級、高年級),進行半結構式的深度訪談,並以質性研究主題分析法來分析資料。 研究結果主要發現如下: 一、研究者參與者面對子女數位媒介使用之互動與介入經驗可分為(一)眼所見之數位時代,包含「時代潮流自然入家門,子女有樣學樣」、「興趣上男女有別,共玩有喜悅單獨生警覺」;(二)心所思之關心現象,包含「使父母可體會的安心」、「讓父母可看見的憂心」;(三)行所及之介入經驗,包含「混合之介入中卻見父母不一致」、「父母生活與數位背景牽動介入思維」等。 二、主要照顧者之因應與努力可以發現其親職角色的轉變,分指「由妻子成為母親後,對另一半看法不同」、「面對數位時代,為母則強,奮力因應」,同時此親職角色轉變反思的歷程有如「一條尋找平安的過程」。 最後根據研究結果,對家有國小子女之父母、親職教育者與相關研究者提出建議。
The main purpose of this research is to explore the parental mediation of children’s digital media use in Taiwan. To achieve the above objective of the present study were the pilot study of five months. In-depth qualitative interviews with semi-structured were conducted with primary caregivers within three families of grades 1-2, grades 3-4, grades 5-6. Thematic analysis was use to analyze the data. Three major findings were identified about the parental mediation experience of children’s digital media use. 1. two significant themes were generated: "natural trend of the times into the home, children suit"; "the interest of boy and girl are different, if co-playing then joy but alone to vigilance ". 2. two significant themes were generated in care situation,, including" parents to appreciate the peace of mind "; " that parents can see the concern ". 3. three significant themes were generated in mediation experience,: "The mediation was mixed and parents inconsistent"; "Life and parents involved in digital background affects thinking," and so on. The study also discovers that primary caregivers of possible discoveries intotheir parenting roles, that means "became the mother, view different", "in the digital age, the mother is strong, struggling to cope", at the same time this parenting to reflect the changing role like "a search of peace process." Finally, according to study results, recommendations to parents, parenting education, and researchers of family issues.
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