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Title: 「早婚者」的婚姻品質:青少年期的父母婚姻關係與親子關係之影響
Marital Quality of the “Early-Married”:The Influence of Parents’ Marital Relationship and Parent-Child Relationship During Adolescence
Authors: 林如萍
Lin, Ju-Ping
Chen, Jia-Rong
Keywords: 早婚者
early-married people
marital quality
parents’ marital relationship
parent-child relationship
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 臺灣近年人口出生率下降,遲婚或是不婚的現象受到極大的關注,如何鼓勵結婚及生育成為政策的焦點。但在此同時,從另一個角度思考:哪些人會選擇較早進入婚姻?西方的研究多指出,早婚及早育與成年時期不利的經濟處境和社會發展等有顯著關聯,「早婚」被認為是不佳的選擇。因此,哪些因素攸關早婚者的婚姻品質?十分值得探究。本研究旨在探究早婚者的婚姻樣貌,並進一步由其青少年階段的原生家庭經驗切入,分析青少年期父母的婚姻關係、親子關係與早婚者的婚姻關係之關聯。本研究運用「臺灣青少年成長歷程研究」(TYP)長期追蹤調查資料的第一階段(國中時期)及成年調查之資料,以「低於同一出生世代」的平均初婚年齡一個標準差為標準定義「早婚者」(男性為18~27歲,女性為16~26歲),選取最終樣本數共263人。研究結果顯示,結婚年齡並不影響其婚姻品質,而男性、有婚前懷孕或生育經驗之早婚者其婚姻品質顯著較低。再者,原生家庭經驗確實與早婚者之婚姻品質有關聯,且男性早婚者的兩代婚姻品質會透過親子關係而呈現代間傳遞的效果,也就是說,當父母婚姻關係不好,則青少年期親子關係也會越不好,進而影響男性早婚者之婚姻品質。
Who would choose to get marriage early? Some of research pointed out, early-marriage and early-fertility are relative with disadvantaged economies or social development in adulthood, that being so, “early-marriage” is considered as the worst choice. This study not only focus on the early-married people in young generation, but also want to explore the experience from family of orientation, which is included adolescents’ perceptions about their parents’ marital relationship and parent-child relationship, how to impact on the marital equality of early-marriage. The data used in this study are from the Taiwan Youth Project, which from junior stage and adult stage. Additionally, the early-married who is below a standard deviation of the average first marriage age between the same generation as the screening criterion. With this result, the selected samples comprise 263 people. The results indicated the following findings. The marriage age would not impact on the marital quality of early-marriage. However, male and being pregnant or fertility before marriage would feel poorer marital quality. Furthermore, the family of orientation among adolescence is actually related to the marital quality of early-marriage. Although, the marital quality of early-marriage has intergenerational transmission, but male early-married can decline the perceptions from their parents’ negative marital relationship through stable parent-child relationship among adolescence to impact on the marital quality of early-marriage.
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