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Title: 中大班幼兒使用電子產品與自我調節、早期讀寫及動作發展的關係
Effects of Media Usage on Self-Regulation, Early Literacy, and Motor Development among Kindergartners
Authors: 張鑑如
Chang, Chien-Ju
Yang, Tzu-Yen
Keywords: 幼兒
media usage
early literacy
social economic status (SES)
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究調查幼兒使用電子產品的情形,並檢視幼兒使用電子產品與其自我調節、早期讀寫和動作發展之間的相關,也進一步將年齡、性別和社會經濟地位作為調節變項來探討。本研究使用問卷以瞭解幼兒使用電子產品的情形、使用head-to-toes task (HTKS)測量幼兒的自我調節能力、早期讀寫評估則包括文字書本概念與簡單兩百字識字測驗,並且使用嬰幼兒綜合發展測驗中的動作分測驗來瞭解幼兒的動作發展。本研究的受試者為101位,48到67個月大的幼兒。研究主要發現有四:首先,在排除離群值後,幼兒電子產品的使用與其自我調節能力呈現顯著正相關。其次,幼兒電子產品的使用與其粗大動作、身體協調,以及動作總分呈現顯著負相關。第三,在排除離群值後,幼兒電子產品的使用與其手操作的能力呈現顯著負相關。最後,幼兒的家庭社會經濟地位負向調節其電子產品使用對自我調節能力的預測。換言之,如果幼兒愈頻繁地使用電子產品,其自我調節能力可能愈好,但是其動作發展則可能愈差。家庭社會經濟地位愈高的幼兒,愈減弱電子產品使用對其自我調節能力的影響。
The current study investigated children’s media usage, and examined the relationship between media usage, self-regulation, early literacy, and motor development. This study also used age, gender, and social economic status (SES) as moderators. Questionnaire was used to understand children’s media usage. The present study used head-to-toes task to understand children’s self-regulation. Early literacy skills included print concept and word recognition. Comprehensive Developmental Inventory for Infants and Toddlers (CDIIT) was administered to understand children’s motor development. The participants were 101 typically developing children aged 48 to 67 months old. The following are the four main findings of this study: (1) there was a positive correlation between media usage and SR2 (the second part of self-regulation) after excluding outliers (2) there were negative correlations between media usage and gross motor, body-movement coordination, and motor total (3) there was a negative correlation between media usage and basic hand use after excluding outliers (4) social economic status (SES) negatively moderated the prediction of media usage to sum of self-regulation. These findings indicated that (1) the more children use media, the better self-regulation they might show (2) the more children use media, the poorer their gross motor, body-movement coordination, motor total and basic hand use might be (3) higher social economic status may reduce the effectiveness of media usage on self-regulation.
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