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Title: 與自然共舞-幼兒使用自然素材遊戲行為之探究
A Study of Children’s Play Behavior with Nature
Authors: 簡淑真
Chien, Shu-Chen
Chen, Yue-hua
Keywords: 自然素材
natural material
play behavior
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討幼兒於使用自然素材進行遊戲時之遊戲素材選擇、遊戲內容、遊戲發展歷程與使用自然素材所展現之遊戲特性。本研究採質性研究方法,以新北市新店區「森森幼兒園」中、大混齡之「小花班」與「小草班」幼兒為研究對象,觀察場域包括戶外及室內兩部分,以自然觀察軼事記錄作為主要資料蒐集方式。本研究之主要研究結果如下: 一、自然素材的選擇:幼兒在「戶外遊戲」使用的自然素材包含了-自然環境與現象、動物與昆蟲、植物及礦物;在「室內遊戲」所使用的自然素材則包括了:原始自然素材與材質天然的自然素材製品。研究發現遊戲環境越自然,能帶來越豐富的遊戲型態。 二、使用自然素材之遊戲內容與類型:(一)在社會互動方面:1.遊戲夥伴跳脫性別與年齡偏好。2.幼兒使用自然素材更能自處也更能與他人共處;(二)遊戲類型包含:探索素材、建構遊戲、扮演遊戲、規則遊戲及肢體遊戲,且常有混和多種遊戲類型的現象;(三)遊戲題材有:建造遊戲、家庭生活、生活事件、對戰遊戲、卡通幻想與極少的買賣遊戲。 三、自然素材引發幼兒長時間的遊戲發展歷程:(一)遊戲的開啟包括(a)由教師引發(b)具影響力之幼兒提供想法(c)由自然素材引發;(二)遊戲歷程中,遊戲類型與成員組成交織變化;(三)遊戲中素材與角色能靈活進退,自然素材延長幼兒的遊戲興趣使遊戲能跨時空延續。 四、使用自然素材展現彈性運用的遊戲特性,包含:(一)遊戲中展現豐富的言語溝通並減少衝突發生;(二)自然素材的象徵轉換迅速。 文末,依研究結果提出相關建議。
This research aims to learn about the selection of nature materials, play content, play thematic, course of development of children's play and used in preschool children’s play behavior made with natural materials as well as the characteristics of such plays. The study adopted the qualitative research method and recruited students from two mix-age classes, “Flower Class” and “Grass Class” at Sensen Kindergarten in Xiandian District, New Taipei City, as research subjects. Observing children’s play behavior being outdoors and indoors was conducted, respectively. The data were collected primarily using anecdotal records. The research findings are as follows: 1. The natural materials used in preschool “outdoor play” include natural environments and phenomenon, animals and insects as well as plants and minerals. The natural materials used in the “indoor play” include organic natural materials and textured natural materials. The study found that the more natural the play environment is, the more diverse the format of the play can be. 2. The content and types of play that make use of natural materials: (1) Social interaction: i. Children play with nature materials do not have a gender or age preference when it comes to playmates. ii. Children can use natural materials to play with themselves and play with others. (2) The types of play behavior include exploring materials, constructive play, symbolic play, play with rules, movement games, and mixed-type games. (3) The themes of the play include building things, family life, daily life, battle, fantasy, and less buy-sell transactions. 3. Long-term development inspired by natural materials used in children’s play behavior (1) play initiated by includes (a)inspiration from teachers, (b)responses to playmates’ ideas to nature materials, and(c) inspiration from natural materials; (2) During the play with nature materials, the combination of the play genre and the grouping of players constantly change; (3) The materials used in the play and the characters can be used in a flexible manner. Natural materials can prolong players’ interest in the play which even can Continuation across time and space. 4. The characteristics of the play that use natural materials in a flexible manner include the following: (1) Play with nature enrich players’ verbal communication and reduce conflicts; (2) The symbols represented by the natural materials change rapidly. At the end of the article, the study will propose relevant suggestions based on the research findings. Keywords: natural material, play behavior
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