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Title: 幼兒的生活與注意力的關聯
The Association between Preschoolers' Life and Attention
Authors: 鍾志從
Chang, Jui-En
Keywords: 才藝活動
divided attention
leisure activities
lunch break
selective attention
sustained attention
talent learning
wake-up time
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 中文摘要 本研究旨在瞭解幼兒的生活與注意力的現況,並檢視兩者之間的關係。以一Ο五學年度就讀臺北市公立幼兒園滿四足歲、五足歲的幼兒為對象,並採用「幼兒生活調查問卷」與「幼兒學習注意力量表」收集資料,透過SPSS22.0的資料處理及分析,以描述性統計、獨立樣本t考驗、卡方考驗、單因子變異數分析、多元迴歸分析問卷的結果,顯示:一、幼兒平日的就寢時間與起床時間皆比假日來得早,且平日睡眠總時數少於假日。幼兒在幼兒園的午睡時間平均為一小時十分鐘。 二、全體幼兒皆有參與課後的休閒活動,以參與藝術類的休閒活動者最多。一般都有參加四種休閒活動的經驗。 三、有近半數的幼兒參與課後付費的才藝活動,以參加藝術類的才藝活動者最多。一般都只參加一種才藝活動。 四、假日睡眠的時數,女生多於男生。媽媽是家管者,幼兒的睡眠時數較長。家長教育程度是高中職者,幼兒在平日較晚起床。 五、女生參與課後休閒活動的比率較男生高。媽媽是家管者,幼兒參與閱讀類的休閒者最多;家長是專業工作者,幼兒參與電子產品類的休閒活動者最少。 六、女生參與課後付費的才藝活動比率較男生高。五歲組也比四歲組高。媽媽是家管者,幼兒參與運動類的才藝者最多。 七、幼兒的分離性注意力表現最佳,其次為持續性注意力、選擇性注意力。 八、幼兒在幼兒園的午睡時間長,以及有參與休閒活動及才藝活動者,持續性注意力表現最好。 九、幼兒在幼兒園的午睡時間長,以及有參與休閒活動及才藝活動者,選擇性注意力表現最好。 十、幼兒在假日的睡眠時數長與在幼兒園的午睡時間長,並且有參與休閒活動、才藝活動者,分離性注意力表現最好。
ABSTRACT The purposes of this study were to explore preschoolers’ life and their attention, also to examine the relationship between both of them. The 504 preschoolers’ at the age of 4 and 5 participated in this study. They were recruited from twelve public preschools in Taipei. Each child’s father or mother completed “Preschoolers Life Questionnaire” and child’s teacher filled in the “Preschoolers Attention Scale.” By using descriptive statistics, the independent-sample t-test, the Chi-square test, the one-way ANOVA, and multiple regression, the results showed as following. 1.Preschoolers’ bedtime and wake-up time on weekdays are earlier than those on weekends. The total numbers of sleeping time on weekdays are less than those on weekends. The average of lunch break is 1 hour and 10 minutes. 2.Preschoolers all participate in leisure actives after school. The highest proportion of participants is the art-type leisure actives. Most of preschoolers participates four types of leisure activities. 3.Nearly half of preschoolers participate in talent learning after school. And the top of talent learning is art-type. Most of preschoolers participates one type of talent learning. 4.Girls’ sleeping time is more than boys’. Preschoolers whose mother is housekeeper sleep more than others. Preschoolers whose parents graduated from high school wake-up later on weekends than others. 5.Girls take part in leisure actives more than boys. Preschooler whose mother is housekeeper participates reading most. In contrast, parents are professional staff, and their preschoolers use electronic products least. 6.Girls take part in talent learning more than boys. The five-year-old preschoolers take part in talent learning more than those who are four. Preschooler whose mother is housekeeper participates sports most. 7.Preschoolers’ divided attention is better than sustained attention and selective attention. 8.The more lunch break in school, taking part in leisure actives and talent learning after school, the better preschoolers’ sustained attention. 9.The more lunch break in school, taking part in leisure actives and talent learning after school, the better preschoolers’ selective attention. 10.The more sleep on weekends and lunch break in school helps preschoolers have better divided attention as well as they take part in leisure activities and talent learning.
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