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Title: 成年早期的家庭價值觀與婚姻態度對結婚之影響—十年追蹤分析
The impacts of family values and marital attitudes in young adulthood on marriage: 10 years tracking study
Authors: 周麗端
Chou, Li-Tuan
Lin, Su-Chiu
Keywords: 家庭價值觀
family values
marital attitudes
young adulthood
panel study
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 隨著我國粗結婚率持續下降及平均初婚年齡不斷提高,結婚成為備受關注的議題。個人的結婚行為受到社會環境、個人外在因素與內在態度的影響,過去的研究礙於橫斷性資料的限制未能將這些因素連結到結婚行動,因此本研究運用追蹤調查資料,分析在相同的社會脈絡下,個人主觀態度或信念對結婚的影響。 本研究運用「華人家庭動態資料庫」377個2004年時未婚單身的追蹤樣本,聚焦成年早期家庭價值觀與婚姻態度對結婚的影響。分析結果發現,成年早期的正向婚姻態度確實對其後十年之內結婚成家的可能性有顯著影響;具體來說,相較於其他成年早期未婚成人,成年早期之未婚男性越重視婚姻長久性或是成年早期未婚女性越重視婚姻重要性與進入婚姻的可能性增加有顯著相關。 根據研究發現,建議未來婚姻教育推動應聚焦婚姻態度,尤其是對婚姻長久性與婚姻重要性的重視,培養未婚成人的正向婚姻態度以促使其進入婚姻。
While the crude marriage rate has been declining and the mean age of first marriage has been rising, transition to marriage status became an importance issue. Social environments and external and internal factors of individuals have impacts on marriage entry, but previous studies were limited of cross-sectional data and could not link these factors and marriage behavior. Therefore, this study using a panel date to analyze the impacts of subjective attitudes or beliefs of individual on getting married in the same social context. Using a sample consisted of 377 unmarried young adults in the 2004 from a set of panel data, the Panel Study of Family Dynamics, this study focuses on the influences of family values and marital attitudes in young adulthood of individuals on marriage status. The results reveal that positive marital attitudes in young adulthood did have significantly influence on the probability of transitioning to marriage during 10 years. Specifically, a man placing more importance on “permanence of marriage” or a female placing more importance on “martial importance” in young adulthood have significant associations with an increased likelihood of transitioning to marriage status than others. According to the findings, the researcher recommend that marital education should focus on marital attitudes,and importance on “permanence of marriage” and “martial importance” especially, to improve positive marital attitudes and transitioning to marriage status of young adults.
Other Identifiers: G060206002E
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