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Title: 夫妻婚姻衝突對親職感受之影響-代間支持之作用
Marital Conflict and Parental Perception—The Effects of Intergenerational Support
Authors: 林如萍
Lin, Ju-Ping
Chang, Jung-Chen
Keywords: 代間支持
Intergenerational Support
Marital Conflict
Parental Perception
Taiwan Social Change Survey
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 現今社會夫妻在養育兒女時,面臨許多生活上的轉變與挑戰,如何良好適應是「為人父母」之重要議題,而華人家庭中,成年子女與父母的代間支持,為主要且重要的支持來源。本研究旨在了解親職感受、婚姻衝突與代間支持之情況,探討夫妻婚姻衝突對親職感受的影響,並檢驗代間支持在婚姻衝突與親職感受間之調節機制。 本研究運用2011年中央研究院人文社會科學研究中心「台灣社會變遷基本調查」,第六期第二次「家庭組」調查資料,選取「已婚有偶、至少育有一名15歲(含)以下子女,以及自己父母和配偶父母都至少有一位存活者」為樣本,共計322人。以多項式邏輯斯階層回歸分析探討婚姻衝突、代間支持、親職感受三者之關連,進一步以交互作用檢視代間支持在婚姻衝突與親職感受間的調節機制。 研究發現:對女性而言,代間支持對親職感受有直接影響,但不存在調節效果。其中獲得配偶父母之金錢支持越多、自己父母的金錢支持越少,與較低的親職負向感受有關。而對男性來說,婚姻衝突與親職感受之關係受代間支持影響,配偶父母之支持在婚姻衝突與親職感受間存在調節效果。當婚姻衝突較高時,獲得配偶父母較多金錢支持,親職負向感受較少;而代間勞務支持僅能降低部分親職負向感受。但自己父母之代間支持則無調節作用。
There are many changes and challenges when parents rearing their children. How to get support for better adaption has become an important issues, especially for “being a parents”. In Chinese society, intergeneration support between adult children and their parents is an important resource of social support. This study aims to understand the situation ofmarital conflicts, parental perception, and intergenerational support and examine marital conflicts and parental perception. It is also to test the moderated effect of intergenerational support. The data come from Taiwan Social Change Survey (2011,Round 6, Year 2), the sample comprised 322 Taiwanese who are married and rearing at least one fifteen years old or younger children. To discuss the intergeneration support, at least one of each their parents and parents-in-law should be alive. Hierarchy Multi-nominal Logistic Regression is used in examining the influence of marital conflicts and parental perception. Furthermore, we investigated whether intergenerational support is moderated by marital conflicts and parental perception. The result showed that for female members, intergenerational support has impact on the parental perception but no moderated effect. The more financial support from parents-in-low or the less financial support from parents are related with lower negative parental perception. For male members, intergenerational support from parents-in-low has moderate impact between marital conflicts and parental perception. When marital conflicts increasing, more financial support from parents-in-law would reduce the parental negative perception. However, the domestic assistance from parents-in-law just reduces some part of parental negative perception. Also, there is no moderated effect from parents’ support. keyword:Intergenerational Support;Marital Conflict;Parental Perception; Taiwan Social Change Survey
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