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Title: 國中綜合活動實施創意教學方案對學生創造力影響之研究
The Effectiveness of the Creative Integrative Activity Instruction Program for Junior High School Students on the Creativity
Authors: 洪久賢
Horng, Jeou-Shyan
Fan Yu-Ru
Keywords: 綜合活動
integrative activities
creative teaching
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國民中學綜合活動實施創意教學的可行性,以及實施創意教學對學生創造力之影響。本研究採創意教學實驗教學設計,以質、量並重的方法分析,量的部份運用「威廉斯創造思考活動」進行實驗教學前後測比較,以了解學生創造力的改變;質的部份則採用參與觀察法、文件分析法,蒐集學生課堂、生活觀察紀錄,學生的作業、聯絡簿、週記,以及教師的生活省思、教學省思等文件資料,以了解學生創造力的改變歷程。本研究信、效度之建立:量化研究部份,除測驗本身具有良好的信、效度之外,在威廉斯創造思考活動部分則建立評分者信度;質化研究部分則以多樣來源的資料,不同背景的人員進行三角交叉檢證。本研究之重要結果如下: 一、綜合領域實施創意教學是可行的。 二、本教學方案的實施可激發學生的創造能力,使學生的創意認知、情意與能力上皆呈現進步的趨勢,而且對於創造相關能力:想像力、聯想力、思考力、幽默感、創意技法的使用上有所助益。
The purposes of this study were: (1) to explore the feasibility of creative teaching program in integrative activities of junior high school ; (2)to investigate the effect of the program for junior high school students on the ability of creativity. In this study, the creativity of students was analyzed by using quantitative and qualitative approach. The quantitative part: pre- and post- of "Test of Divergent Thinking" was employed to understand the changes of students’ creativity from pre-experimental teaching to post-experimental teaching. The qualitative part: the document analysis and participate observation were applied to collect students’ works, the contact books, the week records, teacher's life and teaching introspection, and observation on student classroom and life record to understand the processes of the changes of student creativity. The reliability and validity of this study were: (1) in the quantitative part, questionnaires themselves have the good reliability and validity; in addition, another reliability of research workers was established. (2) in the qualitative part, using triangulation with multi- document and different background person to establish the reliability and validity of this study. The major findings were presented as the following: 1. The implementation of creative teaching in integrative activities is feasible. 2. This program stimulate students’ creativity, and cause increases of students’ creative cognition, sentiment and ability. Furthermore, this program was also useful to utilizations of other abilities related to creativity: the imagination, the thinking ability, the sense of humor, the associative thinking, and the creative skill.
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