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Title: 影響烘焙創意因素之探討研究
A study of creative baking connotation
Authors: 洪久賢
Keywords: 創意廚藝
creative cooking
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討創意烘焙師的特質、影響創意烘焙師創造力的個人因素及環境因素,以及烘焙產品展現創意的面向。以質性研究法進行,研究對象的選擇,係以曾獲國際烘焙競賽獎之烘焙師及國際烘焙競賽評審為主,進行深度訪談,釐清創意烘焙師特質、創意烘焙產品面向,並以文件分析得獎烘焙師之烘焙產品相關資料,進行交叉檢證。本研究主要結果如下: 創意烘焙師具備變通力、敏覺力、精進力與獨創力。人格特質為求知慾(好奇心、主動的求知慾、追根究底)、對生涯障礙有挑戰的勇氣(挑戰心、愈挫愈勇、企圖心)、對事物的熱情(專注力、投入、對專業領域之熱情)、開放的心胸(幽默感、興趣廣泛)、自信心胸(自信心、自傲)、追求完美(好勝心、高自我要求)、領導者特質(責任心、領導力、協調性)、刻苦耐勞(毅力、耐力)。影響創意烘焙師的因素包括:家庭因素(父母開明及支持的教養風格、親近自然的的生長環境、易於接觸廚藝領域的家庭環境)、成長及教育歷程(多元學習、開放的教育環境、師長的關懷與鼓勵)、組織環境(組織中的磨練、組織的壓力與目標、組織內外的競爭、關懷的組織氣氛、開放多元的領導風格、正向的組織文化、充足的資源、提供教育訓練等)、文化的衝擊及社會的變遷(媒體對廚師工作的傳導,對青年學子的影響)等。 烘焙產品展現創意的面向包括口味(平衡的口味)、食材運用(傳統食材運用的突破、新食材與異國元素的加入)、製作技術的改良(設備與器具的創新、新技術的使用)、產品的呈現(產品的外觀、產品的呈現方式、產品意涵的表達、產品意境的描繪)、產品的符號意涵(產品設計的意涵、對傳統的重新詮釋)等。 最後,為提升烘焙廚藝創意展現,根據本研究之發現,就個人、學校、業界以及未來研究方向四方面提出建議,作為烘焙教育與餐飲業界培育具創新能力烘焙師之參考。
This research explores the characteristics of creative bakers, individual and environmental factors influencing the creativity of creative bakers, and the creative aspects of baking products. Qualitative research was adopted to conduct the research. Bakers who had won awards in international baking champagnes and judges for international baking champagnes were interviewed to figure out the qualities of creative bakers and the creative aspects of baking products. In addition, prize-winning bakers’ relevant materials about the baking products were analyzed to engage in cross examination. The findings of this research are as follows: Creative bakers are usually flexible, sensitive, competitive, and creative. They all have a thirst for knowledge (curious, yearning for knowledge, and inclined to raise one question after another), the courage to take challenges (adventurous, never be disheartened by frustrations, ambitious), the passion for things (concentrated, involved, and enthusiastic over the professional field), open-mindedness (humorous and interested in diverse things), confidence (confident and self-conceited), an orientation towards perfection (indomitable and self-disciplined), characteristics of leaders (responsible, able to be a leader, and capable of coordination), and industriousness (perseverant and patient) as the distinctive personalities. Factors influencing creative bakers include family (open and supportive upbringing, an environment close to the nature, and a family environment that has an access to cooking), courses of growth and education (multiple learning, an open environment for education, and the care and encouragement of teachers), the organizational environment (discipline in the organization, pressure and targets of the organization, internal and external competition, caring atmosphere of the organization, open and multiple leading style, positive organizational culture, sufficient resources, and trainings etc.), the cultural shock, and the changes of the society (the influences of the reports, regarding chefs covered by media, on young people). Creative aspects of baking products include flavors (balanced flavors), the utilization of food materials (breakthrough of conventional food material utilization, new food materials, and exotic ingredients), the improvement of manufacturing skills (innovation of equipment and utensils and the utilization of new techniques), the presentation of products (product appearance, product presentation, expression of the meanings of products, and description of the concepts of products), and the meanings of the product symbols (meanings of the product design and reinterpretation of the tradition). Lastly, in order to enhance the creativity of baking art, suggestions regarding individuals, schools, industries, and future researches were made. It is hoped that this research can be of help in baking education and the cultivation of creative bakers for food and beverage industries.
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