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Title: 中級華語寫作教材探究: 以應用文求職自傳為例
Practical Writing in Intermediate TCSL: Using resume autobiographies as an example
Authors: 蕭惠貞
Keywords: 求職自傳
Resume autobiography
Teaching materials for intermediate writing courses
Practical writing
Task-based teaching
Cooperative learning
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract:   本研究旨在針對在台灣或台資企業求職的華語學習者的需求,探究出中級應用文寫作教材的理念目標和編寫原則,藉由文獻探討、市場和現有教材、寫作難點等的分析,考察應用文體的特點,輔以多方面的問卷調查,以學習者為主,編寫一套適合中級學習者在台工作、生活的寫作教材。盼望藉此改善目前華語教學市場對寫作教學不夠重視,以及寫作教材短少的困境。   本文從寫作本質出發,以Rohman(1965)的寫作過程發現階段為本,循Flower和Hayes(1981,1996)、Nystrand(1989)、Grabe和Kaplan(1996)等學者的寫作認知模型,結合東西方學者如Silva(1993)、羅青松(2002)對寫作教學方法的看法與分析,和Cunningsworth(1995)、趙金銘(1998)、劉珣(2000)、周小兵、張念(2001)對教材編寫的評估與原則屬性,融入Dewey(1916)提出的合作學習、Prabhu(1987)的以任務為中心、廖曉青(2002)對課堂教學的看法,編寫出教材範例,然後對14位中級學習者進行教學實驗的實證研究。   實驗結果發現:(1)在教學實驗後,後測表現比前測顯著進步,且達群體穩定趨近的成績。(2)在寫作項目上,寫作任務是學習者最弱的一環。(3)自傳寫作的篇幅與字數,會影響讀者評定自傳好壞的觀感。(4)在學習者本身具有相近的詞彙、語法程度下,西方學習者的自傳文本寫作能力較東方學習者強。(5)任務型教學配合合作學習的教學設計,能提高對寫作及寫作教學的興趣。證明本研究所編寫之教材範例,可幫助學習者提昇寫作能力,並供後續研究參考。
This dissertation aims to examine the goals and guiding principles for designing teaching materials for TCSL intermediate writing courses to meet the needs of learners writing resume autobiographies for employment in Taiwan. This research explores the characteristics of practical writings through literature review, analysis of job market requirements, existing teaching materials, difficulties faced by the students, as well as observations from various kinds of surveys. It is hoped that a more systematic and learner-centered set of teaching materials could be developed to satisfy intermediate level students living and working in Taiwan. A sample lesson to teach practical writing at the intermediate level is developed using the discovery stage in Rohman’s (1965) writing model process as the central concept, along with cognitive writing models (Flower& Hayes, 1981, 1996; Nystrand, 1989; Grabe & Kaplan, 1996), analysis and views about pedagogies in the teaching of writing skills (Silva, 1993; Luo, 2002), and evaluation and guiding principles for designing teaching materials (Cunningsworth, 1995; Zhao, 1998; Liu, 2000); Zhou & Zhang, 2001). Learning theories for cooperative learning (Dewey, 1916) and learner-centered teaching (Prahbu, 1987), together with views on classroom teaching by Liao (2002), are also taken into consideration. Feedbacksand analysis are obtained from the teaching of the sample lesson to fourteen students. Results from the teaching experiment show that: (1) The test group performed significantly better in the post-test than the pre-test after the sample lesson. Results from the group also tend to show less difference between individual scores, with scores that reflect well-written autobiographies as perceived by native speakers. (2) Task-based writing is the most difficult skill for learners out of all writing skills. (3) The length of the autobiography will affect the readers’ perception on its quality. (4) Western students perform better in writing autobiography than Asian students if they have similar standards in grammar and vocabulary. (5) Task-based learning used with cooperative learning increases interests in the teaching and learning of writing skills. The findings prove that the sample lesson designed in this dissertation can improve the learners’ writing skills and may be used as a reference in future researches.
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