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Title: 日本籍地勤人員華語短期密集課程設計
Intensive Chinese Course Design For Japanese Airport Ground Staff
Authors: 信世昌
Keywords: 華語
Chinese Course
Japanese Airport Ground Staff
Chinese Course for Airport Ground Staff
Intensive Course
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 隨著華語地區的經濟發展及日本與華語地區之間營運航線的密集化,由華語地區訪日外國旅客人數不斷成長。例如從中國和台灣訪日的旅客人數正以相當驚人的速度增加著。在這種情況下,日本各國際機場的地勤人員在服務的第一線上直接接觸來自華語地區旅客的機會也大幅度地增加,故如何增進日本籍地勤人員的華語能力,提升服務品質及作業效率,進而提高旅客的滿意度,這已成為了亟待解決的課題。 本論文採用一般質化研究的方式,首先探討日本的大學所開設之觀光華語課程現況,再以問卷調查以及訪談的方式瞭解日籍航空機場地勤人員對其華語短期密集課程的需求,筆者亦實地觀察他們的工作情形。研究結果顯示:1.與旅客之間的語言溝通是學習者所面對的問題。2.適合機場地勤人員的教學環境必須考量上課時間與地點的因素。3.教學內容要有實用性。4.以情境式的教學達到教學目標。5.具備航空業相關工作經驗的專業語言教師極為重要。 最後根據相關理論和以上的研究結果,提出日籍機場地勤人員華語短期密集課程之設計原則,進而根據其原則設計單元範例,盼能為將來針對機場地勤人員的華語課程設計及教材編寫起到拋磚引玉的作用。
The number of foreign visitors to Japan from Chinese areas has increased owing to the economical development and the increase of the air service routes operated between Japan and Chinese areas. For example, the foreign visitors from Mainland of China and Taiwan have increased remarkably. The opportunities which Japanese airport ground staff use Chinese with passengers have increased. How to improve the Chinese ability, the quality of service and job efficiency, this is the issue to solve. I adopt the descriptive qualitative method. First of all, I will review the Chinese courses for tourism offered in universities in Japan. After that, I will try to understand the needs of Japanese airport ground staff for their intensive Chinese course by questionnaire research, interview and observation at Fukuoka Airport. The results of research are as below: 1) It is the language communication difficulty between passengers that learners encounter. 2) When we discuss the teaching environment which is suitable for airport ground staff, the class hour and location must be taken into consideration. 3) The content of course has to be very practical. 4) The goal of course has to be achieved by the teaching composed of actual scenes which ground staff will encounter. 5) Special language teacher with carriers in airline industry is also important. Lastly, I will propose the principles of design for Intensive Chinese Course for Japanese Airport Ground Staff based on the relative theories and above result of research. I will also design one unit based on the principles. I hope this thesis will be useful for the design of Intensive Chinese Course for Japanese Airport Ground Staff and compilation of relative textbooks.
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