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Title: 針對韓國學生之華語電影教學
Teaching Chinese Language Through Chinese Film for Korean Students
Authors: 信世昌
Xin Shi Chang
Lee Seoul Gi
Keywords: 語言教學
language pedagogy
culture teaching
course design
teaching materials
instructional design
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本篇論文針對在韓國學華語的韓國學生,利用適合語言教學的電影設計跟語言與文化教學相關的課程。研究各種不同電影及片段的特點,論述以電影作為主要教學媒介的教學應用過程以及教學活動。 本篇論文首先探討國內外語言教學的理論與在語言教學上運用電影媒體的相關研究,並整體論述語言課程設計及教材設計相關之研究。從這些研究結果得知在語言教學上使用視聽覺媒體對學習者非常有幫助。接著,本篇論文透過訪談和問卷調查的方式,蒐集韓國和台灣的華語教師以及韓國學生的寶貴意見。有些教師有電影華語教學的經驗學生也有上過電影華語課程的經驗。從這些實際經驗得出的調查結果對設計針對韓國學生的電影華語課程非常有幫助。 本論文詳述用對話、跟電影相關的文章、劇照、值得討論的議題等,提出有效提高語言能力的教學方法及教學活動。接著,設計用總共九天的時間學完一部電影的學習指導方案及相關的教材。最後,分成觀賞之前、觀賞電影、觀賞之後這三個階段,實際設計在每個階段適合的教學活動及步驟。 本論文利用電影媒體語言教材上的實用性,設計有助於增強四種語言能力的電影華語課程。再者,用在電影裡的中國文化和歷史背景讓學習者對華語感到興趣並維持強烈的好奇心。另外,透過使用電影的教學活動讓學習者輕鬆愉快地學並有效地習得語言能力。
The research discusses how a Chinese language and culture course is designed with various Chinese films, aiming at the students who are learning Chinese in Korea. It also discusses some of the researches on films or their episodes, and the applications and activities using movies as the teaching media. The research examines the theories of language pedagogy and the researches on language teaching using movies as the media. It also talks about some of the researches on designing a language course and its relevant teaching materials. According to the previous researches, visual exposures (such as film watching) is very helpful for the language learners. Furthermore, by interviews and surveys, the researcher collects the feedbacks from the Chinese language teachers in Korea and Taiwan and from the Korean students. By these feedbacks, the researcher can investigate the needs from both the teachers and learners and can design a course of Cinema Chinese for the Korean students specifically. The research also details on language teaching/learning methologies and activities by introducing dialogues, relevant movie articles, stage photos and some other interesting topics. Guidelines and activities about the 9-day course will be designed. The course will contain three parts – before watching, in the middle of watching, and after watching. Various teaching activities and procedures that correspond with these three stages will be discussed. The research designs a Cinema Chinese course that aims to improve students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. In addition, the cultural elements and background knowledge in the Chinese films will interest and motivate the students in learning the language. It is declared that using films as the teaching/learning media will help the students to learn the language with ease and effectiveness.
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