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Title: 初級商用華語教材編寫設計之研究
A Study on the Design of Business Chinese Teaching Materials for Beginner Level
Authors: 信世昌
Shih-Chang Hsin
Anyi Lee
Keywords: 專業華語
Chinese for Specific purposes
Business Chinese teaching material
Design of teaching material
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 隨著華語地區經濟發展,各國對該區投資增加,範圍日漸擴展。這種現象已經從單純的貿易演變成直接投資設廠,而反映在華語學習上,商用教材的發展在近十年成為一個熱門的項目。本篇論文旨在針對華語非母語之初級學習者設計商用教材。第一,先蒐集與商用華語相關的研究文獻,建立學理上的支持;第二,蒐集現有商用華語教材,分析整理其內容組織,編寫方式作為初級商用華語教材的編寫設計參考,另外也藉由網路或是相關管道蒐集現有商用華語課程等資訊對現有的課程以及教材使用做相關研究。第三,藉由外籍學習者以及教授商用華語的教師訪談,理解使用教材的實際需求以及所面臨的困難。最後,結合蒐集訪談的資料,進行教材範例的編寫設計。藉由本研究為初級的學習者尋找出新的教材可能性。 根據本研究,整合理論與需求分析後發現,商用語言作為最接近於一般交際語言的專業語言,在編寫初級商用華語教材應該遵循下列原則:一、商用華語教材的範圍內容,應隨著商業活動的複雜度從貿易談判等領域擴展至一般公司生活的範圍,因此初級商用華語教材應以商業人士最切身的辦公室環境作為入門的開始;二、應該以情境引導學習,由公司生活情境切合學習者立即的需求,符合商業人士的特性;三、應著重口說與聽力練習,使學習者在課堂後,在職場生活中能立即使用學習到的;四、教材編排應著重連結性,以適應商業人士課程時間短、彈性大的型態;五、文化點的採用及取捨也應配合商業人士會接觸的情境,並且不需要拘泥於單元,以隨時補充的方式取代單元。根據上列原則進行內容大綱的設計並設計初級商用華語教材─「職場華語入門」的範例編寫。
With the economic development of the Chinese speaking world and as the amount of global investment in this area increases, the business environment has evolved from simple trade into direct investment in different aspects of The Chinese economy. In light of this situation, Chinese learning for business purposes and design of this kind of teaching material has become the most popular issue in recent years. The main idea for this thesis is to design beginner-level Chinese teaching materials for businesses. Through “Development research”, the researcher will first collect the papers concerning the issue to establish the theoretical foundation. Second, the researcher will collect the teaching material concerning business purposes to do the content and arrangement analysis. Also, the researcher will collect the course syllabus of several Business Chinese classes. From the internet and brochures to do the analysis. Third, the researcher will interview business Chinese learners who currently work in Taiwan and teachers who have experience teaching this kind of student. Through these interviews, the researcher will learn what difficulties they faced and what teachers and students need from their educational materials. At the end of this thesis, the researcher will take all information gathered, and according to the result make an example demo of Business Chinese teaching material for beginners. According to the theory, business language is a kind of specialized language which is close to general language. Therefore, the range of the Business Chinese content should expand to all aspect of business, and not only emphasize trade matters as dictated by economic development. We should also take the idea of “economy communication”, that business matters are from inside of a company to outside of a company, for reference. We come to the result that the office environment is the most suitable way to start Chinese learning for beginners. Cultural exposure should also be tailored to the needs of the students. Language skills should put a high premium on listening and speaking. With these conclusions, the researcher will design an example of Business Chinese teaching material for beginners.
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