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Title: 針對泰國華語學習者之漢字教學網站設計研究
The Research of Designing Web-based Teaching Material on Chinese Characters for Thai Students
Authors: 信世昌
Sasithorn Somchai
Keywords: 電腦輔助教學
Computer Assisted Instruction
teaching design
Chinese Character teaching
Chinese language learning - Thai student
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 泰國華語學習者的學習過程中,漢字的掌握是其之最大問題與障礙。根據資料與需求分析發現,在泰國的華語教學,因很多限制,而缺少了正確的漢字教學。造成學習者對漢字的基本知識與掌握漢字的有效方法未有足夠地了解。使其對漢字與漢字的學習有誤解與偏見。 因而,本研究的主要目的為,藉由多媒體教材結合了網際網路的教學效用,規劃出針對泰國華語學習者,具有漢字的教學效果的網站,為應付以上所述的泰國漢字教學與學習的各種限制之輔助教學工具。 本研究之過程,從蒐集相關的理論、資料以及泰國華語學習者與教師的意見,再進行分析討論,並規劃出符合泰國華語教學現況以及使用者的需求之漢字教學網站。之後製作網站範例,並進行應用的試驗,為測出所規劃網站的使用效果。最後進行使用網站後的評鑑,作為檢討網站所規劃設計理念的依據,並因應改進與提出其他建議。 從網站範例應用試驗之前後測驗結果發現,不同漢語程度的學習者在使用網站之後,其對漢字基本知識的理解度,以及對漢字與漢字學習意見皆有正面的趨勢。漢字掌握度的前後測驗結果對比,亦有進步的趨勢,證明了網站的規劃對不同華語程度的學習者,能有效率地提高其之漢字的了解度,減少對漢字的恐懼以及有助於漢字的掌握。 依據試驗受試者與泰國教師在使用網站後的網站範例評鑑結果發現,使用者對網站的各種設計給予很高的評分,表示網站各方面的設計與使用效果相當符合使用者的需求。
To Thai learners, the major problems and obstacles they face while learning Chinese are memorizing and writing Chinese characters. With referenced information and needs analysis, the study found that there were several limitations causing Chinese language instructions inefficient. These limitations made Thai learners not comprehensively understood the basic knowledge of Chinese characters and the efficient Chinese learning and memorizing methods, this made the learners misunderstood and had bad attitudes to Chinese characters and Chinese characters learning. As a result, the main objective of this study is integrating instructional Multimedia and the Internet to plan and design efficient and appropriate Chinese teaching website as a learning assistant tool for Thai learners and solve above mentioned problems. The procedures of this research were started from collecting information and reviewing related theories and learners and teachers opinions. Next, the researcher did analysis, synthesis, planed and designed Chinese teaching website suited for the situation of Chinese study in Thailand and the needs of Thai learners. Then, the research developed a sample website and did pilot test to improve the efficiency of the website. The last step was doing the evaluation of the website in order to continuously improve the website and provide suggestions. From pre and post evaluation of the pilot website, the study found that for Thai learners from different levels of Chinese, the basic understanding about Chinese characters, the attitudes toward Chinese characters and Chinese learning were more positive. The comparison result shown the better memory of Chinese characters from pre and post tests, which proved that the website was efficient and it assisted Thai learners from different levels of Chinese had better understanding, reduced anxiety on learning Chinese Characters and supported Chinese characters memory. According to the website evaluation conducted by Thai learners and instructors who have used the website, the varieties of designs of the website were highly appraised and rated. That also indicated that the design and effectiveness of the website were corresponding to users' needs to a great extent.
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