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Title: 新移民初級華語教材規劃設計與研究
The Design and Research of Chinese Teaching Materials for New Immigrants in Taiwan
Authors: 信世昌
Ming-kuei Hsu
Keywords: 新移民
new immigrant
Chinese teaching materials
teaching material design
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 目前在台灣的新移民人數已突破四十萬人,與新移民相關之議題在近幾年獲得相當之重視。其中在華語學習方面,目前仍以成人識字教育領域為主,且缺乏適宜的新移民華語教材。有鑑於此,本研究的目的在於以華語為第二語言教學之視角,規劃、設計針對初級程度的新移民華語教材。本研究之新移民採用較廣泛之定義,除了包括因婚姻關係而移居臺灣之外籍配偶之外,也包括因工作或就學因素,長、短期居留生活在台灣之外籍人士。 本研究以「發展研究法」為主要研究方法,並兼採訪談法及問卷調查法。首先,研究者蒐集相關領域之文獻進行探討,包括成人識字教育、華語為第二語言教學等,進行綜合歸納整理,截長補短,以做為教材設計之理論基礎。另外,實際調查目前臺北市新移民華語課程的開班情況,以及對所使用的教材進行評析,以瞭解其特色及缺失,並訪談了教學者以及對學習者實施問卷調查,獲得教學者與學習者的寶貴建議,以求全面地瞭解新移民華語課程之現況與需求。 接著,本研究依據理論基礎、需求分析等結果,導出新移民華語教材之編寫原則—針對性、實用性、趣味性、科學性、真實性,進行新移民華語教材相關單元內容、活動之設計,並實際呈現一課之教材及作業本範例。 最後就新移民華語課程及教材設計兩方面提出研究總結,在新移民華語課程方面有1.課程應兼具心理適應輔導與語言教學需求;2.新移民華語課程分級之困難;3.專業師資之發展。教材設計方面,1.應先了解新移民的需求及學習特性;2.設計新移民華語教材之必要性;3.新移民華語教材之設計準則。另外從教材發展、研究範圍、問卷調查三方面說明研究進行過程之限制,之後對提出後續研究之建議有三:1.規劃主題完整之進階式教材;2.發展新移民課程運作模式;3.發展合適的測驗評量模式或工具。
The amount of new immigrants in Taiwan has exceeded four hundred thousand so far. The topics related to new immigrants has been drawn a lot of attention in recent few years. Most researches on teaching Chinese as a second language focus on adult literacy education. And there are still not appropriate Chinese teaching materials for new immigrants. Therefore, this research attempts to design a Chinese teaching material for basic learners from the viewpoint of Chinese as a second language. This research takes a generalized definition of new immigrants, that is, besides those who stay in Taiwan because of marriage, we also include those who have longer or short-term residence because of work, study and etc. This research takes ‘development research’ as the main research method, and ‘interviewing’ and ‘questionnaire survey’ are adopted as well. First, we review the literatures in all the related theories, including adult literacy, Chinese as a second language etc. Their common characteristics are considered as the basis of designing the teaching materials. In addition, the Chinese courses in Taipei City at present are investigated along with the textbooks being used. Also, in order to realize the teachers and learners’ needs, and to obtain the precious suggestions, we interview the teachers and collect questionnaires from Chinese learners. Subsequently, according to the conclusions of the theories and the results of needs analysis, we come up with the criteria of new immigrant Chinese teaching material-Pertinence, practicability, interest, science and authenticity, we present a demonstration of teaching materials and working book. Finally, we bring up some conclusions of this research, illustrate the limitations in the research process, and make suggestion for future researches.
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