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Title: 漢語規勸言語行為及策略研究—以臺灣地區為例
A Study of Admonition of Mandarin in Taiwan — Speech Act and Strategies
Authors: 鄧守信
Keywords: 規勸
speech act
politeness priciple
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本文研究台灣地區之規勸言語行為,嘗試建立規勸言語行為之理論架構,並以小型問卷調查一般民眾的規勸態度,可能影響態度的變因,最後設計數個語境以蒐集語料。 筆者對『規勸』(admonition)言語行為提出的定義為﹕『每一個社群都有一套專屬的規範,非社群成員就無須遵守規範。說話者和聽話者處於同一社群(community),聽話者的思想或行為違反了社群規範,而說話者依據社群規範,使用語言對聽話者的現狀提出意見,希望聽話者遵從。』所謂規範,是非固定的,隨著情境和社群變動的。在此假設下,社群內有一套具有普遍性和共同性的規範,對每個成員都有約束力,且每個成員都有權依據自己的理解,解釋這套規範。聽話者可能是違背規範,或是未遵從規範,說話者因而依據這套規範以及自己對規範的理解,進行規勸。若說話者和聽話者共處於不同層次的好幾個社群,規範亦隨之變動。 問卷的142位受訪者中,有71.7%的受訪者表示其規勸態度是非固定的,視對象、場合、事件等變因而定。對於親密的朋友或家人、私密場合、重大且共同權益相關事件,直接規勸比例最高。對於不親近或不熟識的人、私密場合、重大且共同權益相關事件,委婉規勸比例最高。策略方面,使用比例最高的規勸策略為直接指示、負面評價和警示後果,這三者應視為規勸之固定性(stereotype)策略。使用比例最低的威脅、條件、諷刺和利誘這四種策略應視為隨語境變化的變異性(variable)策略。
This thesis is a research of admonition as a speech act, including the framework and the statistics of general attitudes, factors and strategies. The author defines “admonition” as “the speaker gives a direction based on the rules to the hearer whose thought or behavior is against the rules in the same community” while the prerequisite is that there is at least one general rule set in every community which each member has the duty to obey and the authority to explain by his/her comprehension. If both the speaker and the hearer belong to different communities in different levels, the rule set varies with the contexts and the communities. 71.7% of the survey responser indicates their attitudes vary with opponents, occasions and events when they admonish. The highest percentage of direct admonition is to close friends and family, in private occasions, with important events concerning with the mutual rights or benefits. The highest percentage of euphemistic admonition is to familiar but not intimate people, in private occasions, with important events concerning with the mutual rights or benefits. The stereotype strategies are instruction, negative comment and warning while the variable strategies are threatening, setting the essential conditions, sarcasm and explaining the advantages.
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