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Title: 美國中級漢語學習者聲調偏誤分析與補救教學
Error Analysis and Remedial Instruction of Chinese Tones --- A study on American Learners of Mandarin
Authors: 曾金金
Chin-Chin Tseng
Keywords: 漢語聲調
mandarin tones
perception and listening
pronunciation proficiency
error analysis
remedial instruction
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本論文旨在以「美國漢語學習者聲調偏誤補救教學」為研究目標。主要是採取行動研究的方法(Action Research),按照其研究步驟一一進行。研究過程,先透過觀察、語料蒐集、語料分析、訪談等方式來瞭解學習者聲調偏誤的狀況。再以筆者分析得到的結果和前人所做的調查研究結果為基礎,對學習者進行短期補救教學,再針對教學後的語料進行蒐集、分析以瞭解教學成效,並對學習者進行訪談,以瞭解學習者對於補救教學的反饋。 研究結果發現與建議如下: 一、瞭解了美國學習者漢語聲調之偏誤。 二、透過聲調補救教學,得以改善學習者聲調僵化的現象。 三、證實教師對學習者提出聲調糾音的要求有其必要性。 四、教材可在每一課加上依聲調組合排列的生詞表。 五、學習者認讀發音能力比聽辨感知能力強。 六、聲調的難易度不宜將四聲拆開進行排序,因為聲調系統及聲調所出現的語音環境會影響學習者掌握個別聲調的能力。而且同一聲調的聽辨和發音的掌握情況也不同。
Motivation: As the Chinese tones of many American learners seriously affect their accent, and even affect their communication, the researcher decided to do research to understand the learners’ tone errors and gave them short-term remedial teaching to help them correct their tones. Method: The main research method used was “Action Research.” According to the research steps, the research was done through observation, data collection, data analysis, interviews, etc. to understand the learners’ tone errors. Results: 1. Understood the American learners’ Chinese tone errors. 2. Through tone remedial instruction, improved the learners’ fossilized tones. 3. Proved that it’s really necessary for teachers to keep correcting learners’ tones. 4. Recommended that “Tone combinations sorted Shengci Table” should be added in each lesson. 5. Proved that learners’ pronunciation proficiency is better than their perception and listening. 6. Concluded that it is not appropriate to evaluate the difficulty of the four tones in isolation, because tone context will affect the ability of learners to master the individual tones.
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