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Title: 這麼、那麼的句法及語用分析
Authors: 鄧守信
Keywords: 這麼
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本文旨在釐清「這麼、那麼」的句法特徵及語用功能。句法特徵方面的討論主要著眼於「這麼、那麼」的「詞性」、「後接成分」及「指涉對象」,本文的研究結果顯示「這麼、那麼」具有「副詞」、「限定詞(determiner)」兩種詞性。 「這麼、那麼」作副詞時,若後接成份為動作動詞,其指涉對象(referent)為「動作方式」,後接具範圍(scale)概念的狀態動詞、能願動詞或頻率副詞時,其指涉對象為「性狀程度」,若在「這麼、那麼」及動詞之間插入「一」,則「這麼、那麼」指稱「動作本身」,若後接動詞的賓語需透過一個句子才能表達完整語義,則「這麼、那麼」指稱「動作內容」,而作「限定詞」時,其指涉對象為符合某條件的人、事或物。 在語用功能方面,「這麼、那麼」皆具有「文外照應(exophoric)」及「文內照應(endophoric)」兩種用法,一般而言若指涉對象距「指示中心(deictic center)」較近,或者是立即可見的,說話者傾向使用「這麼」,反之則用「那麼」,但本文的研究結果也顯示「禮貌原則」影響說話者對「這麼、那麼」的選用,大量的語料顯示說話者選用「這麼、那麼」時,往往受「心理因素」影響而打破「物理距離」的限制。
This study analyzes syntactic structures and pragmatic functions of zheme and name in Mandarin. Chapter Three discusses the syntactic aspect, which is concerned with “grammatical category” of zheme and name as well as the relationship between referent and structure. Two important findings are discussed in Chapter Three: the first is that zheme and name can be treated as adverbs or determiners in sentences, while the second is that the sorts of referents are dependent on the words or word phrases following zheme and name. Chapters Four and Five discuss the pragmatic aspect, which is concerned with exophoric use, endophoric use and politeness. Regarding exophoric use, this study found how the speaker chooses either zheme or name. When the referent is immediately visible, the speaker tends to use zheme. Conversely, when the referent is indiscernible, the speaker chooses name. In addition, the speaker sometimes chooses zheme or name based on psychological factors rather than physical distance.
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