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Title: 短期華語與文化研習班之課程設計
Curriculum Design of Short-term Chinese Courses
Authors: 信世昌
Hsin, Shih-Chang
Keywords: 短期華語課程
short-term course
study abroad
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本論文的目的在探究短期華語研習課程的課程設計、其課程的可行模式與設計理論。 本研究透過文獻探討、案例分析及訪談,藉以了解短期華語與文化研習課程之需求與問題。 在文獻探討方面,先從文化的定義說起,再進入文化作為主題的教學討論,接續探討外語教學與課程設計的理論,最後將文化與語言這兩個課程要素結合,綜合分析。 在案例分析方面,研究者透過三個相異的個案來探討短期語言與文化課程的要素。經由案例一與案例二實際觀察華語短期課程中學習者、教學者、行政三者的關係,並發覺其他課程要素所扮演的角色;也從中了解目前台灣辦理短期課程的實際情況。第三個案例為德國歌德學院的短期課程,從觀察他國的教學設計與組織建立,取其經驗,以增加發展華語短期課程的可能目標與其他可行作法。 經由上述的研究方式,研究者得出短期華語與文化研習課程之理論、短期教學的主要元素與教學設計之範例。末章為本論文的總結,說明短期華語與文化研習課程之相關人、事、物,與課程設計與執行之要點。
This study explores the curriculum design of short-term Chinese courses, feasible models for such curricula, and design theory. Chapter One introduces the rationale for the study. Chapter Two is the literature review. Culture is defined and the theme of culture in pedagogy is discussed. Then, foreign language teaching and curriculum design theory are probed. Last, the two factors of curriculum design, culture and language, are combined for analysis. Chapter Three presents an analysis of three different case study groups. Case studies one and two comprised observations of students, teachers, and administrative staff involved in short-term Chinese courses so that the different factors affecting curricula could be determined. These case studies elucidate how contemporary short-term Chinese courses are held in Taiwan. The third case study involved observations of a short-term German course offered at the Goethe-Institut. From observations of curriculum design and organizational make-up in other countries, much can be learned on how short-term Chinese courses can be further developed and what feasible methods exist. Chapter Four discusses the theory of short-term Chinese cultural studies courses, the main factors of short-term pedagogy, and models of pedagogical design. Chapter Five is the conclusion and reviews all relevant discussion.
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