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Title: 不同程度華裔學生之閱讀策略研究
A Study on Reading Stratagies for Heritage Chinese Learners in Different Levels
Authors: 信世昌
Hsin, Shih-Chang
Keywords: 閱讀策略
Reading Strategy
Different Level
Heritage Chinese Learner
Think Aloud
Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本論文的目的在於研究華裔學生閱讀中文文章時所採用的閱讀策略。探討不同程度的華裔學生使用了哪些閱讀策略?使用上有無異同?以及有無特殊的閱讀策略等議題。本研究以跨語言的一般性閱讀策略,和針對中文的華語文閱讀策略作為理論架構,對以英語為背景的大學程度華裔學生進行閱讀研究。 本研究的研究對象共有二十位,按閱讀程度分為高級組和中級組各十位。本項研究利用有聲思考的方式蒐集讀者在閱讀的心理過程中,使用閱讀策略的資料,策略資料按照Young(1993)所提出的一般性閱讀策略,和信世昌(2001)的華語文閱讀策略加以分析。結果發現: 一、隨著語言程度的提高,全面性策略的使用頻率跟著上升,而局部性策略的使用頻率則跟著下降 二、程度越高,調控支配閱讀策略的能力的確越好 三、漢字量可能是華裔學生閱讀程度進步的關鍵因素,而非上下文的篇章關係 四、除了現有的閱讀策略以外,華裔學生實際上還使用了「漢字輪廓」、「漢字代換」、「詞彙群組」、「口語協助」四種閱讀策略 透過調查出不同程度的華裔學生在閱讀中文時,使用的各種閱讀策略,本論文期待得出的研究結果能在華語文閱讀研究和教學方面,作為日後針對華裔學生為研究或教學對象的相關領域的敲磚石。
The purpose of the study presented here is to see when it comes to heritage Chinese learners(CHL), what reading strategies they use when reading an article in Chinese. What kinds of strategies were used by learners in different levels? Are there any differences? Is there any strategies weren’t noticed before? The theoretical foundation of this study is the general reading strategy brought by Young(1993)and the Chinese reading strategy developed by Xin(2001). 20 CHLs are involved in this study. Their native language is English and they are divided into advanced and intermediate groups by their reading skill. Each group has 10 members. The data is collected by think-aloud, surveying the strategies used throughout the reading process of each reader. The result found are: I. With the raise of the language level, the frequency of using global strategies rises while local strategies falls. II. The higher the level, the greater the ability is to adjust the usage of strategies. III. The anount of character known is crucial to CHL rather than the context. IV. “Character Contour”, “Character substitue”, “Word Cluster”, and “Oral Assistance” are used beside the categorised strategies. Through the results of this study, it is my hope that it can be the stepping-stone to the door of the study on reading strategy for heritage Chinese learners, and be of some help for the regarded fields.
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