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Title: 現代漢語離合詞之教學語法初探
Authors: 鄧守信
Lin, Chiu-Fang
Keywords: 離合詞
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 中文摘要 關鍵詞:離合詞 動詞說 動名式合成詞 詞彙重新解釋 離析功能 語料庫應用 教學語法 現代漢語離合詞是外國學習者的學習難點,歷來有不同的分析和主張,至少可界定為(1)短語說、(2)中間狀態說、(3)動詞說等三種。在前人早期的研究基礎上,本論文基於構詞理論和華語教學應用的考量,採用「動詞說」,將現代漢語離合詞界定為詞的範疇,將其特殊的離析現象分詞法和句法兩個層面加以解釋,並從中研院平衡語料庫中檢索相關的語料加以分析。 現代漢語詞彙的離合現象,有多種多樣的語言事實,但不同於一般的短語。本論文要研究的離合詞,是由動詞性及名詞性詞素構成的雙音節合成詞,其整體的語法功能是動詞功能,且95%以上是不及物動詞,且可透過「詞彙重新解釋」(lexical re-interpretation)的機制在句法層次離析。 本論文除釐清現代漢語離合詞的基本屬性之外,進一步提出華語教學應用上的建議。現代漢語離合詞的離析結構可分成(1)時態、(2)補充、(3)修飾及(4)移位等四種類型,這四種類型的插入成分,分別在句法層次扮演其專有的功能角色。在教學上,本文建議首先要鞏固漢語離合詞的基式教學,在基式教學中重視其不及物的特性及與介詞搭配的教學,並在基式特性的基礎上展開在句法層次的離析結構的教學。
Abstract Mandarin separable words are difficult to foreign learners, on which many analyses and claims are made. Separable words can be delineated as (1) phrases, (2) words and phrases, or as (3) verbs. Based on previous studies and the consideration of morphological theories and Mandarin pedagogical application, this thesis adopts the view that separable words are verbs and the special separate phenomena are accounted for by analyses from morphological and syntactic aspects. The observed and analyzed data were extracted from Academia Sinica Balanced Corpus of Modern Chinese. The separable phenomena of Modern Mandarin can be observed from various facts. These separable words are different from phrases. Our research target is a disyllabic complex word which is composed of one verbal morpheme and one nominal morpheme. As a whole, the VN composite functions as a verb. Above ninety-five percent of the separable disyllabic VN words are intransitive verbs. They can be separated on the syntactic level through the lexical re-interpretation mechanism. In addition to clarification of basic properties of the separable words, suggestions on teaching and learning are also made. There are four types of separate structures observed in modern Mandarin separable words. Among the first three, the inserted elements can be (1) aspect components, (2) complement components, or (3) modification components. The forth separate structure results from word order change. Each type of the four inserted elements plays a specific role in syntax respectively. On teaching separable words, we suggest that basic patterns should be strengthened first since they are very important, and their intransitive characteristics as well as collocation with prepositions should be highly paid attention to. More complex separate structures can be taught later at the syntactic level based on the basic patterns.
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