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Title: 漢語「的」的語義、語法、篇章分析 及教學應用
A Semantic, Syntax, and Discourse Analysis of the Chinese Structural Particle De with Pedagogical Applications
Authors: 陳俊光
Chen Jyun-gwang
Keywords: 「的」
De (的)
structural particle De
De of discourse markers
the reduplicate form of De
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 結構助詞「的」可說是漢語中使用頻率最高的字,它包多種標記功能,《現代漢語八百詞》中說明了「的」字短語修飾名詞,除連詞、助語、嘆詞,可以說各種詞語都可構成「的」字短語修飾名詞,單就「的」字短語修飾名詞至少可列出七種用法。因此,本論文根據 Halliday(1985,1994,2004)的三大語言純理功能,以概念功能、篇章功能與人際功能為架構,進行「的」的語義、語法和篇章功能分析。 在 Halliday 的理論基礎,主要為語義、語法和篇章等層次,本文將藉由分析「的」 的各種標記功能及歷時語義,來輔助釐清「的」的標記功能。本文將「的」分為七種標記功能,透過各種功能的分析,銜接至篇章層次,將「的」的標記做一整體的呈現。 本文從學者對「的」的探討開始,並對「的」的各種標記功能加以界定,並輔中央研究院之現代漢語平衡語料庫及北京大學線上語料庫的語料來分析「的」的各種標記功能,並以此歸納出「的」的教學排序,以期對漢語學習者能有助益。 此外,本文搜集了兩岸的漢語教材共十本,並對各教材中對「的」的教學語法做檢視,並以本文的七種「的」的標記功能來分類。最後,本文結合分析成果,提出相關之教學建議。
This study focuses on the different aspects aspects of structural particle de (的) including a semantic, syntax and discourse analysis. First it investigates the semantic and discourse features of structural particle de in Chinese as well as its part of speech. Structural particle de is a common lexeme with multiple features marks to use in discourse. XianDai HanYu BaBaiCi (現代漢語八百詞) ) there lists seven forms of the de-phrase modified noun, except conjunction, auxiliary words and interjections, various terms can be constituted a de-phrase. Using Halliday’s metafunctions (1985,1994,2004) as framework, this study aims to beyond the traditional focus of semantic description and delve into comprehensive research, involving a semantic, syntax and discourse analysis of structural particle de. Halliday’s metafunctions are arranged by ideational, interpersonal and textual functions, which correspond to the semantic, syntax and discourse aspects in this research. Structural particle De (的) various meaning are clarified finally by its several functional marks and exploration of its fundamental syntax distribution, diachronic semantics as well as its syntaxes and discourse functions. This study is going to present a serial of structural particle de functional marks entirely. This study starts with four scholars opinions and defines various functional marks of structural particle de. Additionally, this paper analyses various functional marks of structural particle de by using “ Chinese Word Sketch Engine”and “ Center for Chinese Linguistics PKU “ Therefore, to generalize the sort of structural particle de functional marks teaching and hope it will help for Chinese learners. Additionally, this study collects ten Chinese textbooks of China and Taiwan, and furthermore to view the teaching grammar of structural particle de for thoese textbooks and then to classify for structural particle de functional marks by defined the seven de functional marks of this paper. Finally, Based on the result of analysis in this study to address suggestions associated with Chinese teaching of structural particle de functional marks.
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