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Title: 觀光導遊華語教材的設計研究─以泰國各大學所用教材為探討
The teaching material design research for Chinese tour guide- taking it among Thai universities as to discuss
Authors: 葉 德明 教授
Teh-Ming Yeh Fu
Liu Chen Su -Ping
Keywords: 泰國觀光業
Thailand tourism
Chinese tour guide
Cultural teaching
Teaching material design
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 觀光產業目前被視為世界各國家的重點產業。觀光事業除對創造就業機會及賺取外匯具顯著效益外,在國家社會經濟發展方面亦扮演重要角色,泰國也不例外。華語圈國家是泰國觀光產業上的重點國家,近年來訪泰國的華語人士急速增加,總數僅次於日本,中國、台灣、香港、新加坡等華語圈國家,成為第二大的旅遊客源地區。泰國觀光業向來為泰國帶來豐厚的外匯收入,對其經濟發展具有重要的地位,以往歐美國家為其重要的客源地區,近期華人市場崛起,使泰國觀光業發展迅速,觀光華語旅遊學科成為熱門科系,研究者認為良好的課程設計及教材,能提升泰國華語觀光從業人員的品質,促進泰國觀光產業的繁盛。 本篇論文採用質的研究法,應用學理性探討具體地進行教材設計,希望能編寫具有實用性、趣味性、文化性的教材。進行之初,研究者參照前人的相關文獻資料歸納分析,歸納出最能發揮優勢而有效的教材設計原則。 根據上述的研究過程導出五項觀光華語導遊教材編寫原則有:1. 實用性 ,2. 文化性,3. 趣味性, 4. 視聽性, 5. 整合性 ,研究者亦根據上述原則設計教材範例。並參考相關的資料以及實務的教學實驗,配合訪談調查,進行觀察與檢討,更進一步了解當地的人文特色,風俗習慣,設計以中文為第二語言之觀光華語導遊教材。
The tourism industry in the present is regarded as the key industry in the world due to the benefits and employment opportunities it provides. Moreover, it also contributes in earning foreign exchange leading to remarkable profit and the social and economical development of a country. The number of tourists visiting Thailand each year is increasing rapidly especially tourists from the Chinese circle countries. Furthermore, the preferences in the previously dominant tourist markets such as Europe and America are now shifting toward the Chinese circle markets. The fast growing Chinese circle market lead to the increasing demand of tourism courses offered in Chinese as well as well-designed Chinese teaching materials. Therefore, this qualitative research aims at providing suitable curriculum and teaching materials in order to enhance students’ abilities in coping with Chinese tourists, and to provide insights for all language teachers and organizations offering tourism courses in Thailand. The fundamental principals of material design in the research include: 1. Usability, 2. Cultural elements, 3. Learning interest, 4. Audio-lingual learning, and 5. Conformity. The guiding principals are taken into consideration throughout the process of material development and experimental design which includes experiment, interview, survey, and observation. With the above mentioned principals, this research could provide useful and interesting materials to Thai learners in the context of second language learning.
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