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Title: 漢泰語名量詞對比分析與教學應用
Authors: 鄧守信
Keywords: 名量詞
Chinese-Thai comparative analysis
errors analysis
pedagogy of classifiers
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 量詞是漢藏語的一大特點,在世界語言中,有的語言並沒有量詞,有的語言雖然有量詞,但並不豐富。由於漢語量詞數量豐富、用法複雜,外國學習者在學習上,經常出現學習偏誤的現象。 泰語也是量詞豐富的語言之一,但是泰語量詞在與名詞的搭配、語序等方面都與漢語量詞不完全一致,漢泰語量詞同中有異的特點,使得泰國學生在學習漢語量詞時,出現了一些不同於歐美、韓日等國學習者的偏誤,具有不同的特點。 漢語量詞雖然豐富,但有的量詞卻連本國學生也不經常使用,加上這些量詞大多用萬能量詞「個」來代替,比如 「一枚戒指」 ,我們可以說「一個戒指」。 本文著重分析漢語中的常用名量詞,藉由教學策略應用協助初中級漢語學習者,因為他們在生活上、學習上經常接觸到這些量詞,也因為如果學習者不規範使用這些量詞,語言交際有可能受到影響。 本文試圖通過漢泰語量詞的對比研究,分析泰國學生漢語常用名量詞的偏誤,找出這些特點和成因,作為課堂教學和教材編寫等方面有益的參考。
Classifier is a major feature of the Sino-Tibetan language family. The richness of the Chinese classifier system contributes to the complexity in the study of the system by foreign learners, as illustrated in high frequency errors in the inter language of Thai learners. The Thai language also has a rich system of classifiers, but Thai is different from Chinese in the collocation of classifiers with nouns and in word order. These similarities and differences between Chinese and Thai classifier systems contribute significantly to the common errors made by Thai students while they learn Chinese, which are distinct from the errors made by students from Europe, America, Korea and Japan, for example. Despite the richness of the Chinese classifiers, some are rarely used in the daily life of native speakers and these may even be replaceable by the “wild-care” classifier “ge” e.g. “yi mei jiezhi ‘one ring’,” is substituted by “yi ge jiezhi.” This thesis analyzes high frequency classifiers in Chinese, with a pedagogical aim to assist L2 Chinese learners, as they are constantly exposed to these classifiers in their daily life, but also because the negative impact might occur on their verbal communication if the learners do not correctly use these classifiers. This comparative study aims to identity the causes and patterns of the errors made by Thai speakers while learning Chinese classifiers in order to provide useful references to the classroom teaching and textbook compilations.
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