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Title: 對外初級華語教材編寫之規劃設計--以零起點為主--
Devising a Chinese Teaching Material of TCSL for feginners
Authors: 葉德明
Chang, Pao-yu
Keywords: 華語文教材
Chinese teaching materials
Chinese language
The second language
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討華語為第二語言的教學理論,及華語文教材編寫的依據及編寫原則、規範,並分析當前臺灣、中國大陸及美國最受歡迎的四種教材,再以問卷的方式調查研究目前來台學習華語文之初、中、高級程度的學生和目前正在從事華語教學之教師。蒐集資料以作為分析探討以期了解初來臺的學習者,最希望能達成的學習目標以作為第二語言零起點教材設計原則。 研究發現,初級理想教材之設計與編寫,除了需以實際生活與衣、食、住、行有關的話題為主外,在內容方面更應增加,因社會e化的關係而產生的某些習性上轉變的題材,以順應潮流且能在中國社會中使用,達到人際溝通的功能,生活化、趣味化、實用化、口語化,並以有系統的語法、句型輔助,再加上中國文化的特徵為背景,讓學習者能入鄉隨俗並了解中國的思想與文化。
This study aims at examining firstly, the theories of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Secondly, examine the basis, principles and norms for writing teaching materials. Thirdly, analyze four most popular materials in Taiwan, Mainland China and the United States. Finally, investigate the students of basic, intermediate and advanced levels and the teachers who are engaging in Chinese teaching. The final goal is to know what the learners who just came to Taiwan wish to accomplish through learning in order to compose a TCSL material for beginners. The study discovers that the composition of an ideal basic TCSL material requires to meet the need not only of communicating in the real life, but also of adding the subjects which adopt the e-society, in addition, to achieve the goals of interpersonal communications. The materials should be interesting, practical and colloquial, with systematic grammars and patterns, together with the characteristics of the Chinese culture background, so that learners can “Do as the Chinese Do” and understand Chinese ideology and culture.
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