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Title: 任務型教學在初級華語教學上之成效
Authors: 葉德明 教授
Keywords: 任務型教學
Task-based language teaching
traditional teaching method
novice-mid Chinese class
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究是利用任務型教學課堂進行實驗研究,分析、檢測任務型教學在課堂上使用的情況,是否能提高學習者的學習動機?如何兼顧語言形式與功能?在華語教學上如何配合使用﹖ 研究對象為兩班師大國語教學中心之初級學習者,共二十名,兩班教師皆由研究者擔任,實驗組採用任務型教學法,控制組採用傳統式教學法,兩組學習者一週上課五天,每天兩堂課,每一堂課50分鐘,實驗教學研究為期十週。 研究方法(一)準實驗研究,以平時測驗、複習測驗及問卷調查資料統計出來的結果做分析比較。(二)訪談使用任務型教學法之五位教師教師及實驗組八位學習者,並將訪談結果加以討論。 研究發現1. 「任務型教學活動」能提高學習動機與興趣。2. 「任務型教學活動」能帶動學習氣氛、抓住學生的注意力。3. 「任務型教學活動」透過任務的執行過程,能兼顧語言功能與形式,而達到語言學習的最終目標。研究者根據研究發現加以討論,並對華語教師及未來研究提出建議。
The Effectiveness of Task-based Language Teaching in Novice-mid Chinese Classes Abstract Keywords:Task-based language teaching, traditional teaching method, novice-mid Chinese class The purpose of this study was to examine and analyse the effects of task-based language teaching on novice-mid learning motivation, and achievement and to examine the structure and function of language in teaching. The subjects were two classes of novice-mid in the MTC language center. One class, the“experimental class”, adopted task-based language teaching; the other, the“control class”, adopted traditional teaching methods. Both classes were taught by the researcher. The two groups were given lectures of 100 minutes a day five days per week, and the experiment lasted for ten weeks. Quasi-experimental design was used in this study, which included two review tests and one questionnaire. The second part consisted of interviews of teachers and students. The result of this study reveals that task-based language teaching is able to increase students’ learning motivation and achievement. In addition, it helps students to be more absorbed in class and improve the interaction between classmates. Discussions are presented in the study based on the experiments. Suggestions are given for Chinese teachers and for future research.
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