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Title: 現代漢語指示詞"這"與"那"之探析及教學應用
The Analysis and Teaching Application of Modern Chinese Demonstratives
Authors: 鄧守信
Shou-hsin Teng
Tsui-ping Hu
Keywords: 限定詞
grammar pedagogy
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 由於指示是一種普遍的語言現象,在我們的生活語言中,甚至撰寫篇章時,皆被大量使用。而指示詞「這」、「那」又是漢語中最常見且複雜的。因此,本論文從多維的角度循三個主軸進行探討與分析。 第一個主軸是針對「這」、「那」的語法特徵、詞類定義、以及相關語法結構作系統性的探討,特別是與結構助詞“的”及其他定語之間的關聯性。 第二個主軸則是從「情境指稱」及「語篇指稱」這兩條線出發,探究「這」、「那」在篇章中的銜接功能,在情景語境中的身勢及象徵指示、上下文語境中回指、預指功能。 第三個主軸是在教學語法的基礎上,針對兩岸三套高使用率的漢語教材進行相關內容的檢視,並對「這」、「那」在教學上可能產生的偏誤及教學語法規則,做逐一探討。 本論文最主要的目的是希望透過基本理論與大量語料的驗證,能跟教學形成一個連結,以落實到學習者的自然應用上。
Deixis is a linguistic phenomenon that occurs on a daily basis. In the Chinese language, the most common demonstratives are “this” and “that.” Both are frequently used in its spoken and written forms. While common, these are also rather complex. Thus, this thesis seeks to examine and analyze this phenomenon with a multidimensional view in three main directions. First, a systematic investigation of the demonstratives “this” and “that” will be carried out, specifically looking at the grammatical characteristics, parts of speech classification, and other related grammatical structures—paying close attention to the relationship between the structural particle and the modifier. Furthermore, the demonstratives “this” and “that” are surveyed in terms of their situational and textual references to further understand their functional purposes. These include their purpose as a transition, providing cohesion in the written language, their gestural function and symbolic usage in the situational context, as well as their anaphoric and cataphoric functions in the written context. In the final portion, this thesis will explore the grammatical classifications of these demonstratives in terms of Chinese language instruction. Through inspecting the usages of “this” and “that” in three different sets of frequently used Chinese textbooks (both in Taiwan and in China), a comprehensive analysis of grammar pedagogy as well as common errors in teaching will be provided The main purpose of this thesis is to explore and bridge the gap between the basic theory of demonstratives and its application in terms of Chinese language teaching materials, ultimately with the goal of making it easier for language learners to use these terms naturally and with ease.
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