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Title: 零起點短期速成聽説教材之設計研究
Authors: 葉德明
Keywords: 華語
Survival chinese
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 理想的教材是語言學習成功的關鍵。 什麽才是理想的教材呢? 正規課程使用的教材需考量全面性和系統性,以目前多數大學語言中心使用的《實用視聽華語》為例,從語音到句型、語法、漢字讀寫等按部就班的教學;然而短期速成教材是以學習者為中心,先了解學習者的需要,針對學習者在各方面的需求而設計;例如筆者編寫的Survival Chinese即是針對只學聼、說,不學漢字的學習者以漢語拼音編寫的短期速成教材。 本論文先由問卷了解學習者的需求,再以客觀態度比較目前坊間的教材,並參考多種教學法,改編原有教材,並以實際教學實驗評估成效,改善Survival Chinese課程,使之更實用,更有趣而又簡單易學。
The Study of Materials Used for Teaching Novices Rapid Mastery of Spoken Chinese Abstract Excellent teaching material is key to successfully learning a language. What would the ideal teaching materials be? Typically, the materials used for teaching a language must account for covering all aspects of language learning. For example, Practical Audio-Visual Chinese, the book currently used by most universities in Taiwan, utilizes a step by step approach. It starts by teaching pronunciation and, then, adds grammar as students learn to read and write characters; however, the rapid mastery course is a short term approach; therefore, the materials should be specially designed to meet the students' needs. This dissertation sets forth the method for designing the ideal short-term, rapid-mastery course. The "Survival Chinese" program I have designed concentrates only on speaking and listening skills, and it employs the Han Yu pinyin system of Romanization. The first step is to determine the students' needs through the use of interviews and a questionnaire. Next, the currently available materials and teaching methods are researched. Once this is done, the previous material is reviewed and updated as necessary to better meet the students' needs. Finally, the material is evaluated through in-class use to see if it is interesting, practical, and easy to learn.
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