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Title: 針對美國華裔學生之漢字教學與行動研究
An Action Research on Teaching Chinese Characters to Chinese Heritage Students from the United States
Authors: 信世昌
Hsin, Shih-Chang
Jia-En Yeh
Keywords: 漢字教學
teaching of Chinese characters
curriculum design
heritage students
teaching strategy
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 近年來,全球興起華語熱,其中華裔學習者為數不少,針對傳承語 言學生的教學方式及內容逐漸受到學者們重視。華裔學習者普遍聽說能 力優於讀寫能力,漢字教學並為針對華裔學習者之教學重點之一,但是 相關研究仍缺乏。本研究之重點在於透過適性的教學模式,設計出一套 具針對性且適性華裔學習者之漢字教學課程,以提升學習者之漢字讀寫 能力。 本研究是以成長於美國地區,18歲至25歲來台學習中文之華裔學習 者為研究對象進行之行動研究,旨在針對華裔學生特殊的漢字學習需求 設計漢字教學課程。研究過程中,首先根據研究者先前之教學經驗並針 對華裔學習者的特徵及學習困難蒐集文獻資料並分析,其次通過問卷調 查、測驗與訪談,以了解華裔學習者之漢字學習需求。接著依照分析進 行課程試驗並實施教學課程,最後再針對課程試驗結果進行分析討論。 根據試驗教學評估顯示,研究者使用所發展的教學策略於課程中確 實改善華裔學習者之漢字教學能力。本研究並根據教學成效提出了幾點 教學建議:(一) 針對中級程度華裔學習者之漢字教學策略方面:1.教學應 以「溝通」為首要目的,並融入與生活相關之真實材料,與實際生活結 合。2.課程中,應融入漢字筆畫與筆順之教學,以增進華裔學習者之漢字 寫作能力,並減少漢字寫作上之偏誤。3.針對華裔學習者之漢字教學應以 詞彙為單位進行教學。4.應重視部件教學,並於課程中加入更多相似部件 的分析與比較之教學內容。(二)針對華裔班之教學建議:1.做好學習者之需 求分析。2.課堂中及課後,應給予學習者更多個別指導的時間,以改善班 級中學習者差異大之問題。3.教學應以溝通為目的並將目的語生活環境中 之實物融入教學,如時間允許,可讓學生進行實地練習。4.熟悉教材及準備補充教材。5.充分瞭解語言中心之課程規劃,並善加規劃課程。
Learning Chinese has become a trend in recent years; with the majority of students being heritage learners. Most of the Chinese heritage students perform better on Chinese listening and speaking than on reading and writing. Many scholars believe that teaching Chinese characters is one of the main points in teaching Chinese heritage students. However, compared to the relevant studies about second language learners, the relevant studies concerning heritage students are only a few. Therefore, the main purpose of the study is to explore how to harness the linguistic advantages of heritage learners, and through appropriate teaching models, further enhance their Chinese character reading and writing skills. This study conducts an action research using subjects that are 18 to 25 year-old Chinese heritage learners from America. The main purpose of the study is to design a most suitable and effective curriculum of teaching Chinese characters according to the special needs concerning Chinese character reading and writing of these heritage students. Based on the previous teaching experiences, first of all, information and previous studies on the characteristics of heritage learners and their learning difficulties are gathered and examined. Second, through questionnaires, writing tests and interviews, we analyze the special needs of the heritage learners. Based on the analysis results, a teaching curriculum suited to the needs of heritage students can then be designed and implemented. Under this pilot teaching assessment, properly designed teaching strategies will indeed improve the Chinese character reading and writing ability of the Chinese heritage learners. This study proposes the following suggestions with regard to teaching: 1) Teaching Chinese characters to middle-level Chinese heritage students from America: (a) “Communication” should be the first priority concerning teaching; realia should be employed in teaching materials in order to combine teaching with real life; (b) Implementing teaching contents of basic and combined strokes of Chinese characters as well as Chinese stroke order to improve learners’ Chinese character writing ability; (c) Employ vocabularies and phrases as teaching units rather than single Chinese characters; (d) Implement more teaching on comparisons of similar Chinese character components as well as the components themselves; (e) In order to motivate learners’ learning interest as well as enhance the learning effect, choose properly and conduct some Chinese character games in teaching; 2) Concerning the teaching of Chinese heritage students: (a) Do need analysis of students; (b) During class and after class, individualize teaching in order to eliminate the difficulty raised by mixed classes of various learning backgrounds; (c) If there is enough class hour, take students to field trips to practice learning; (d) Prepare extra teaching materials; (e) Schedule teaching according to teaching schedules of every individual institution.
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