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Title: 針對法國高中生之中級華語教材設計研究
A Study of Textbook Design on Intermediate Chinese for French High School Students
Authors: 信世昌
Hsin, Shih-Chang
Hsu, Ming-Min
Keywords: 華語教材
Chinese Teaching Material
Chinese Textbook Design
Adolescent Learner
Intermediate Level
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 隨著中國在經濟、貿易等方面的日漸發展,華語的實用價值大為提升。在法國,越來越多中學開設華語課程,每年選修華語的學生人數不斷增加,對於專業師資與具有針對性教材的需求擴大,因此本研究以法國具備基礎華語能力之高中生為主體,設計一套合適的中級華語學習教材。 本研究先探討法國高中華語教學現況、歐洲共同語文參考架構、教材編寫依據及青少年中級華語教材的特點,得知設計針對性教材須符合的各項準則,再透過分析現有的相關教材、學生及教師問卷結果,設計出法國高中中級華語教材範本。從分析現有教材中發現,並非所有法國華語教材皆採用歐洲共同語文參考架構的分級法。從學生及教師問卷中可得知,多數教師教學時須使用額外的補充教材;並指出中級學生程度懸殊的問題,而中級學生最感興趣的是中華文化的文學部分。 研究結果得知,一套適合法國高中生的中級華語教材,宜具備簡潔活潑的版面、輔以大量彩色圖片及影音多媒體練習活動、減少語法點並增加多樣化練習形式與可供互動討論之文化議題。設計中級教材時,除了考量與初級、高級「銜接」的問題,還須注意學生程度不一致的情況,教材中應保留些許空間與彈性,以利教師運用。 本研究希望透過編寫更具針對性的教材,提高教學效果,以利法國高中的華語教學。透過教材能讓學生有更多開口練習的機會、符合學生需求與興趣,增加學習者對華語學習的興趣及熱情,幫助法籍學生更有效地學習華語。
With the steady growth of China’s influence on the world’s economy, Mandarin has a huge value promotion due to its practical use. The competition of international trade is becoming more and more fierce, the number of Chinese language learners increase rapidly, and the average age of learners has decreased. In France, lots of secondary schools started to teach Chinese, for the reason that learner amount augmented each year, and they have a huge demand of both professional language teachers and well-targeted learning materials. Thus, this study aims to design a suitable intermediate level Chinese textbook for French high school students. This study first discusses the current situation of Mandarin teaching in French high school, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the criteria of language materials compiling, the peculiarity of intermediate level Chinese textbook for adolescent learners. Second, from the summary of these discussions, we get a theory about textbook design. By adding the analysis of related materials, the results of questionnaire with this theory, try to design a model material of Chinese intermediate level for French high school students. From the conclusion of this study, we found out that a suitable Chinese textbook for French high school students should include these terms: a simple layout, high quality pictures, multimedia designed activities, a small amount of grammar and various of practices and culture topics. Moreover, notice that an intermediate level textbook should be well-connected with both novice and advance level. Finally, remain some space in textbooks for teachers to accommodate different student’s learning situations. This study aims to design targeted Chinese language materials, for fitting the needs of both teachers and students in France. Via targeted materials, developing learner’s interests, helping French students improve learning efficiency.
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