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Title: 應用360°虛擬實境影片於初級華語寫作之影響研究
The Impacts of 360 Degree Video Virtual Reality on Basic Chinese Writing
Authors: 籃玉如
Lan, Yu-Ju
Keywords: 虛擬實境
Virtual reality
writing learning
multimodal teaching
real learning
360 degree video
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 在現代化的生活當中,使用手機來學習語言變成一種非常方便的方式。為了瞭解手機所創造的身臨其境的環境對華語為二語學習者在寫作的影響,本研究以40位來台灣就讀大一的越南學生為研究對象,採用準實驗研究設計,將研究對象隨機分派至控制組與實驗組,進行為期四週的教學實驗。在期間共進行兩個單元的寫作教學,兩組的教學者、教學流程、教學時間及寫作主題皆相同,唯寫作前的構思階段兩組進行不同的活動。控制組寫作前進行看圖構思,實驗組則使用Google Cardboard 結合智慧手機觀看360°影片進行構思,隨後兩組皆進行相同主題的寫作活動。實驗研究結果發現,實驗組的構思結果顯著優於控制組,實驗組的寫作成績也高於控制組,而且在內容、組織、詞彙、語法與文字標點方面上都達顯著水準。進行課室影片觀察結果發現實驗組學生的寫作態度明顯優於控制組。訪談結果表明,大部分學生樂於觀看360°影片然後進行寫作活動,並且希望在將來的華語寫作課室上教師能以此教學方式授課。
In this modern life, using mobile phones to learn language is a very convenient way. In order to understand the impacts of the immersive environment created by mobile phones on the writing of Chinese as a second language by learners, the forty Vietnamese students in their first year in a university in Taiwan who participated in this study were randomly divided into a control group and an experimental group, a quasi-experimental research design was adopted in this study and took four weeks. During this period, two writing activities were conducted. The teacher, teaching process, teaching time, and writing topics of the two groups were the same, except the prewriting stage. Control group students observed photos before writing while those in the experimental group used Google Cardboard combined with a smart phone to watch 360 degree videos before writing, and then both groups wrote about the same topic. The experimental results show that the prewriting planning of the experimental group is significantly better than the control group. The composition scores of students in the experimental group are also significantly higher than that in the control group, particularly the scores of content, organization, vocabulary, grammar and handwriting and its proper punctuation marks. The results of classroom video observations show that the writing attitude of the experimental group was significantly better than that of the control group. Interview results show that most students are glad to use Google Cardboard to watch 360 degree videos and they are also having a high willingness to continue using it in future writing classes.
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