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Title: 跨文化比較與華語電影教學——以《三國演義》及《赤壁》為例
Inter-cultural Comparison& Chinese Film Teaching: Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Red Cliff
Authors: 簡瑛瑛
Chien, Ying-Ying
Teow Chee Heng
Keywords: 《三國演義》
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Red Cliff
Inter-cultural Comparison
Film Teaching
Instructional Design
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 《三國演義》是一部家喻戶曉的小說,在海外也具有一定的知名度。媒體與華語教學亦是越來越多學者研究的對象,探討如何運用多媒體為工具進行教學設計,透過教師與研究者進行安排,從電視或電影裡可以學到的知識也越來越廣。 本論文主要研究《三國演義》的跨文化比較及選擇三國電影中具代表性的《赤壁》當作教學設計的示範。採用跨文化理論中的比較分析法,探討不同文化背景中《三國演義》所呈現出的文化思維差異及文本翻譯間的差異。其次,透過分析出電影《赤壁》中的文化元素,以作為電影教學設計的主要內容。 本研究所探討的電影教學主題設定為電影《赤壁》的跨文化思考。學習者欣賞電影的同時,也讓學習者理解電影情節安排的文化意涵。這部電影以三國時代作為背景,電影中的人物安排也形成與其它文化不同的英雄觀、女性觀,同時導演在文化元素的安排也著墨許多,包括宣揚書法、茶文化、樂器、蹴鞠、投壺、二十四節氣等,透過以上的文化元素及跨文化觀念幫助學習者認識華人文化及培養跨文化交流的能力。 研究方向分為三大部分,第一部分是分析小說《三國演義》中的文化元素及小說流傳到海外的情況,其中包括日本、韓國、泰國、越南、馬來西亞、歐美等地;第二部分則是進行跨文化比較,包括文本流傳海外形成的跨文化差異、英雄觀的跨文化比較、原著與日本發行的三國遊戲間之差異等;第三部分則是先分析電影《赤壁》及其文化元素,再運用以上素材,配合理論與原則進行課程教案設計。冀望能藉由此研究提供華語文教學更多元化的教學主題,並且運用不同的影視種類素材於一系列教學當中。
Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a well-known novel and has a certain reputation in overseas. Media and Chinese language teaching are also the subject of scholars' research. They explore how to use multimedia as a tool for teaching design. This thesis mainly studies the inter-cultural comparison of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and selects Red Cliff as a demonstration of instructional design. Using the comparative analysis method in inter-cultural theory, this paper explores the differences in cultural thinking and the differences between text translations in different cultural backgrounds. Secondly, through the analysis of the cultural elements in the film Red Cliff, as the main content of film teaching design. The theme of film teaching discussed in this study is set as the inter-cultural thinking of the film Red Cliff. While the learner watch the film, it also allows the learner to understand the cultural elements. The arrangement of characters in the film also forms a different view of heroes and women than other cultures. At the same time, the director also has many arrangements for cultural elements, including calligraphy, tea culture, musical instruments, cuju, Twenty-four solar terms, etc. Through the above cultural elements and inter-cultural concepts to help learners understand Chinese culture and improve inter-cultural communication skills. The research is divided into three parts. The first part is to analyze the cultural elements in the novel The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the novels spread to overseas, including Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Europe, America etc. Second part is Inter-cultural comparisons, including inter-cultural differences in the spread of texts, comparisons of heroes, differences between the original books and the games issued in Japan, etc. The third part is to analyze the movie Red Cliff and its cultural elements. Then use the above materials, with the theory and principles to carry out the instructional design. Hope that this study can provide a more diversified teaching theme in Chinese language teaching, and use different films materials in a series of teaching.
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