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Title: 短期密集華語課程之設計與教材編寫:以泰國清邁職業學校為例
Short-term Intensive Chinese Program and Material Design for Chiang Mai Vocational College
Authors: 杜昭玫
Tu, Chao-Mei
Chiu, Yen-Huan
Keywords: 華語
Chinese teaching
Short-term material design
short-term course
Thai learner
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 每年利用學習或工作空檔至臺灣進行短期語言進修的人數不斷提高。大專院校、語言機構為因應此潮流紛紛開設短期密集華語課程。但於非目的語區的短期課程需求更多,現有課程卻較目的語區的少。本課程與泰國清邁職業學校合作,於該校假期間利用該校場地開設兩週密集華語課程。嘗試在非目的語區進行短期密集華語課,以活潑、多元的課程激發學習者動機,並於課程中安排文化體驗來引發學習者興趣。首先於計畫前進行問卷調查,調查清邁職業學校的華語學習環境,並考察文獻以了解泰國學習者的特點和學習難點。其次依據課程宗旨「激發學習者興趣及介紹臺灣文化」以及短期課程「沉浸、密集」的兩個特色規劃兩週課表。接著按照課程規劃設計針對泰國學習者之短期教材並設立文化體驗課主題,並於課程最後一天發放「學生滿意度調查問卷」作為計畫未來之修正參考。研究結束後,本計畫研究者認為在非目的語區舉辦短期課程應與當地教師密切合作,當地教師所提供的協助不僅於行政安排與熟悉環境,更在於提出當地學習者的學習特性與學習難點。如此更能貼近學習者,而能設計出更符合學習者需求與特性之教材與課程。
The number of students who are looking for short-term Chinese language courses is growing. Such courses are mostly held in Taiwan and Mainland China where students can be totally immersed in the target language environment. Although there are lots of short-term courses in Taiwan and China, still many students do not have the opportunity to go overseas to experience Chinese culture. Hence, this research is working on how to start and run a short-term language and culture program in a non-target language environment, especially for Thai students. We worked with Chiang Mai Vocational College, Thailand, during July to October 2017, and held a two-week language and culture program for students of Chiang Mai Vocational College, aged 15 to 19. The purpose of the program is to motivate the students to learn and appreciate Chinese language and culture, and to enable students to acquire basic communication skill in Chinese. Along with the program design, we also design a textbook for the intensive short-term program. It is concluded that holding holding a language program in a non-target language environment, native researcher should have cooperated with local schools or teachers, in order to know students better and to meet students’ need as well.
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