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Title: 唐詩與漢文詩融入華語教學之主題式教材設計研究——以越南學生為教學對象
Using Tang Poetry and Vietnamese Han Poetry as a Thematic Teaching Material for Vietnamese Students
Authors: 林振興
Lin, Zhen-Xing
Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Ha
Keywords: 唐詩華語教材
Tang poetry teaching
Vietnamese Han poetry teaching
Vietnamese student
Chinese teaching material
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 作為中國古代文學的巔峰,唐詩字字珠玉,言簡意深,具有豐富的文化內涵,在華語教學中有益於提升學生的語言技能及對中華文化的了解。 越南也有模仿唐詩格律的詩歌,跟中國唐詩非常相像。這類越南文人用漢字寫得詩歌被稱為「漢文詩」。這是因為,漢字為越南民族使用的早期文字之一,漢字約從公元前3世紀傳入越南,直到19世紀中葉才因拉丁化國語字的逐漸普及而走向衰退。在這漫長的時期,不少越南古代文人開始使用漢字創作「漢文詩」,甚至還模仿唐詩的押韻、平仄、對仗等規律,但同時也能保留自己的本土文化特色,且具有相當高的水準,可以說,漢文詩見證著越中久遠的文化交流,也是體現越南民族文化的寶貴遺產。 由於唐詩和漢文詩具有許多相似之處,而且越南學生也曾在中學語文教材城學習過唐詩和漢文詩,若能將唐詩和漢文詩結合起來,編寫成一套專門供越南學生學習的華語教材,不僅具有針對性,也能讓學生產生親近感及學習興趣,同時也能讓學生既了解中國文化也了解越南文化,一舉兩得。 本研究旨在探討越南學生在唐詩、漢文詩的學習需求,並為具有中高級華語程度之越南學生設計出合適的華語主題式唐詩、漢文詩教材,讓學生能夠通過唐詩與漢文詩瞭解中越兩國文化的精髓,進而提高華語水平。
As the pinnacle of ancient Chinese literature, Tang poetry not only reflected the social and cultural environment of that time, but also can be used to help improve intermediate and advance Chinese students' language skills, and also assist them in better understanding Chinese culture. Vietnam has felt China’s effects in language, culture, and ancient literature. Han characters were a kind of writing system that the ancient Vietnamese used during the early period, many ancient Vietnamese literati used Han characters to compose poems, which are known as “Vietnamese Han poetry.” Because of the many similarities between Tang poetry and Han poetry, Vietnamese students often study both of them in their secondary education, and by combining both Tang poetry and Han poetry to create Chinese teaching materials for Vietnamese students, the student will find it easier to learn Chinese and feel more interested, especially if they can gain a deeper understanding of Chinese and Vietnamese culture at the same time. This paper aims to analyse the distribution of Tang poetry and Vietnamese Han poetry in the secondary education’s textbook literature, investigate students' learning needs, as well as explore its application in Chinese teaching.
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