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Title: 中級商務華語房屋租賃情境教學設計研究
A Study on the Design for Situated Teaching of Intermediate Business Chinese with the Topic on House Rental
Authors: 陳麗宇
Chen, Li-Yu
Shih, Chi-Yun
Keywords: 房屋租賃
House Rental
Business Chinese
Situated Teaching
Curriculum Design
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 台灣的租房管道多元,無論透過傳統的租屋看板電話諮詢、網路租屋平台或是隨處可見的房屋仲介公司的介紹,都是找房租屋的方式,然而多樣化的選擇,卻也使來台就學或工作的商務人士容易感到困擾,除了語言不同外,華人的溝通風格、社會文化背景差異產生的誤解,往往讓外籍人士有不好的租屋經驗。其次,租屋與買屋都是不可避免且生活化的議題,對外籍人士而言更顯重要,因為語言溝通不良或無法確實理解房屋契約規範,導致房東與房客間產生法律糾紛的情況層出不窮,因此本研究旨在協助華語學習者透過房屋租賃問題之情境建置,讓學習者能於不同情境中瞭解在台灣租房的實際情形和過程,並熟悉如何與房東或房客洽談與協商,藉此提升學習者之商務語言交際能力。 本研究首先分析目前兩岸商務華語教材中房屋租賃單元之活動設計,歸納教材租屋情境中出現頻率較高的商務活動,接著再針對外籍人士的租屋需求進行問卷調查,透過整合學習者的需求分析、諮詢商務人士以及房仲業者之訪談結果,設計以房屋租賃為主題之情境教學課程,經由教學實證的方式,進行完整的商務華語房屋租賃情境教學,最後按照課程規劃與實際教學過程,請學習者及資深的華語教師針對此情境課程給予回饋及建議,作為檢視商務華語融入情境教學成效的依據。 藉由商務華語教材房屋租賃內容分析、學習需求問卷調查、外籍商務人士和房仲業者訪談以及實際教學驗證,本研究發現,教材情境設置以找房子、租房子以及簽訂租賃契約為三個主要情境單元,若將學生之租屋需求與相關商務情境有效的設計並融入課程中,有助於學習者學習與租屋相關的商務知識,並理解如何正確使用商務溝通策略達到最終承租房屋之目的。
There are diverse ways for renting a house in Taiwan. It is easy for renters to get access to various kind of information whether through traditional ‘House To Let’ sign boards along the street, house rental websites, or through estate agency companies. Howerer, language related misunderstandings due to different social and cultural backgrounds often make foreigner renters feel quite confused. Besides, legal disputes between landlords and tenants because of inability to understand the rules of the lease contracts often upsets them. Therefore, the aim of this study is to assist Chinese learners to have a better understanding of the actual situations and process of renting a house in Taiwan by designing situated curriculums which simulate several scenarios they might confront. This study first summarized the most frequent events during house renting activities by analyzing Business Chinese Teaching Materials both in China and Taiwan. To know the demand for foreign house renter, questionnaire survey also conducted. Then design a situated teaching course further by interviewing with local estate agent and consulting foreigner who had house renting experiences in Taiwan. After the teaching process is done, we evaluate the teaching effectiveness by feedbacks and suggestions given by learners and professional Chinese teachers. According to Business Chinese Teaching Materials analysis results we discovered that ‘searching for a suitable place’, ‘leasing a room’, and ‘signing a lease contracts’ are the most frequent scenarios in each house rental units. Furthermore, this research also found that it is really helpful for foreign learners if we could design the teaching curriculum by considering the needs and actual problems they face when they have to rent a house on their own in Taiwan.
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