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Title: 對外漢語教學傳統教具的創新研發——以「樂學麻將」為案例分析
Innovation of Traditional Chinese Teaching Aids for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language——a Case Study of Lexue Mahjong
Authors: 杜昭玫
Du, Chao-Mei
Rui, Jing-Ying
Keywords: 對外漢語
teaching Chinese as a second language
teaching aids
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 漢語課堂的成功與否除了教師、教材等因素之外,適當的教具也起著舉足輕重的作用。在如今的對外漢語教學課堂上,大量電化教具和傳統教具的投入使用也為留學生更快更好地學習中文提供了不小的幫助。隨著多媒體時代的到來,人們也往往忽視了一些傳統教具所具有但多媒體教具所無法代替的重要功效。本文通過對現有文獻進行探討,研究教具使用的重要性,深入對外漢語教具市場,對現有的對外漢語傳統教具進行了分析,並結合語言與文化之間千絲萬縷的紐帶關係,自主研發了一款具有詞彙教學功效的傳統教具—樂學麻將。該麻將將傳統麻將文化和現代漢語詞彙教學進行了有機結合,寓教於樂,希望藉助遊戲的形式讓學生在相對輕鬆愉悅的氛圍中學習漢字並具備一定的構詞能力,以期填補該類教具在市場中的空缺,吸引更多漢語學習者的學習興趣。
In addition to the factors such as teachers and textbooks, the proper teaching aids also plays an important role in the success of Chinese classes. In the classes of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, a large number of audio-visual aids and traditional teaching aids are also helpful for foreign students to learn Chinese better and faster. Along with the arrival of multimedia time, people often ignore the important functions that traditional teaching aids have and the multimedia teaching aids can't replace. Through literature review, this paper discusses the importance of using teaching aids, and delves into the market of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, in order to analyze the existing Chinese traditional teaching aids. Moreover, in view of the close ties between language and culture, a traditional teaching aids with the lexical teaching function is developed - Lexue mahjong. This mahjong combine the mahjong culture and Chinese vocabulary. With the form of game, students can learn Chinese characters in a relatively relaxed atmosphere and promote certain ability of grouping words in order to fill the vacancy of this kind of teaching aids in the market and attract the interests of Chinese learners .
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