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Title: 當代華語教材中的歷代漢語詞彙傳承研究
A Study of the Word Inheritance from Classical Chinese in Modern Textbooks of Chinese as a Second Language
Authors: 信世昌
Hsin, Shih-Chang
Chen, I-Chi
Keywords: 華語教學
Chinese teaching for CSFL/CSL learners
Chinese vocabulary
word inheritance
classical Chinese teaching for CSFL/CSL learners
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究主要欲探討不同程度華語教材中的詞彙,其承襲自歷代漢語的比例關係;以及華語教材中,多義詞不同義項與古代漢語的聯繫關係。   本研究選擇了三套代表不同地域的代表性華語教材作為分析目標,分別是台灣的《當代中文課程》、中國大陸的《新實用漢語課本》,以及美國的《中文聽說讀寫》。分別以這三套教材第一冊到第四冊之每冊第一課的生詞以及四冊內所出現的所有多義詞及義項為研究素材,透過《漢籍電子文獻資料庫》等古代文獻語料庫的檢索,探討其生詞承襲自歷代漢語的比例。   結果顯示,三套教材一到四冊第一課生詞中,共有約88.58%的生詞可查得其於古代漢語中的用法;屬於當代漢語新詞彙的則佔總比例的11.42%。無論教材程度的高低,三套教材各冊第一課的生詞皆有超過80%承襲自古代漢語。三套教材中一到四冊多義詞共93個,其中包含了212個不同義項,這些義項當中,承襲自古代漢語的比例高達91.98%,僅8.02%的義項是於當代漢語時期才引申而來的。   結果顯示,當代漢語與古代漢語之間有著高度的聯繫關係,透過歷時的角度觀察詞彙的演變情況,能夠更加熟知及掌握詞彙的語義關係,若將之運用於華語教學當中,也有助於學習者掌握書面語的漢語詞彙。
The purpose of this research is to investigate the word inheritance between Modern Chinese and Ancient Chinese. The author chose three different versions of CSL/CSFL textbooks which were published by different regions, A Course in Contemporary Chinese from Taiwan, New Practical Chinese Reader from China, and Integrated Chinese from USA, as research materials. According to the result, a total of amount around 88% of words from first lesson of 1-4 volumes of three different versions can be found in ancient Chinese. There are 93 polysemous words in the three versions of modern Chinese teaching materials, including 212 different meanings. Among these meanings, the proportion of inheritance from ancient Chinese is as high as 91.98%, and only 8.02% of the meanings are derived from the modern Chinese period. The results show that there is a close relationship between modern Chinese and ancient Chinese. Therefore, to enhance the students’ ability of using written Chinese vocabulary, understanding the evolution of words and the relationship of semantic is necessary.
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