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Title: 大學附設華語中心之發展研究-以慈濟大學華語中心為例
The Study on the Development of the Chinese Language Center—A Case Study of Chinese Language Center in Tzu-Chi University
Authors: 信世昌
Hsin, Shih-Chang
Chang, Wan-Ting
Keywords: 宗教
Chinese Teaching and Learning
Chinese Language Center
Cross Culture
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究旨在探究大學附設華語中心之發展,以位於花蓮地區之慈濟大學附設華語中心為例。質化研究為深入了解一個研究場域之工具,藉由三個月的田野調查蒐集慈濟大學華語中心之資料,並透過訪談、問卷、歷史文獻的汲取全面瞭解此華語中心與東部地區之發展軌跡。而慈濟大學附設之華語中心其特殊性可分為三方面分析,一為附設於私立大學,二為地處台灣東部,三為佛教大學。慈濟大學華語中心於2003年創立,為東部地區第一間華語教學機構,亦為東部第一間通過教育部評鑑得自境外招生的機構,本研究為了解一所較為多元的華語教學機構如何發展並發展其自身之特色。 本文以台灣東部地區慈濟大學附設華語中心做為主要研究對象,蒐集實地田野調查經驗、第一手文獻及各類書面資料等,研究中心成立之歷史緣起、組織架構、行政層面、華語教學、師資培訓及其如何將本身信奉之宗教理念融入華語教學。研究發現因附設於佛教慈濟大學,故創辦人的理念亦於此中心展現,例如葷素習慣、培養人文精神之課程和參與各種慈濟舉辦之活動。而中心的經營管理使行政同仁、教師以及同學生有「一家人」的認同感。但慈濟華語中心所要面對的困難為人員流動率高、招生不易以及交通不便,期望能藉由異業結盟、不同華語中心的合作交流以及慈濟的支持突破困境。
The purpose of this study is to explore the development of the university-affiliated Chinese language center, the Chinese Language Center of Tzu Chi University in Hualien targeted as the example. Quality research was adopted as an approach to grasp in-depth understanding of this research field. Data were collected from the center during a three-month field survey. Next, interviews, questionnaires, and historical literature were conducted and analyzed so as to comprehensively understand the development of this Chinese language center and the eastern region of Taiwan. The features of the center affiliated with Tzu Chi University can be analyzed from three dimensions: (1) the center is affiliated with a private university; (2) the center is located in the eastern Taiwan; (3) its affiliation is based on a Buddhist university. The Chinese Language Center of Tzu Chi University was established in 2003. It is not only the first Chinese language teaching institution in the eastern region, but also the first institution in the east to have passed the evaluation by the Ministry of Education and to recruit overseas students. The center was selected as the target of research to fulfill the research aim of investigating how to develop and sustain a Chinese teaching institute with diverse features. This study is to understand a relatively diverse Chinese language teaching institution. How to develop and develop its own characteristics. The current research selected the Chinese Language Center of Tzu Chi University in eastern Taiwan as the main research target to collect field survey experiences, first-hand documents and various types of written materials. The history recording the establishment of the research center, organizational structure, administrative hierarchy, Chinese language teaching, Teacher training and methods of integrating religious beliefs into Chinese language teaching were observed and studied. The study found that because it is attached to Tzu Chi Buddhist University, the founding philosophy was also demonstrated in this center, including eating habits, training of humanistic spirits, and participation in various activities organized by Tzu Chi. Also, the work-learning administrative staff, teachers, and students recognize the identity of the “family”. However, the difficulties faced by the Tzu Chi Chinese Language Center are the high employee turnover, the low enrollment rate, and the inaccessibility of transportation. It is hoped that the difficulties faced by the alliance can be solved through cooperation of different industries, collaboration of different Chinese language centers, and support from the Tzu Chi Foundation.
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