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Title: 華語文教材之練習設計與編寫研究
The study of exercise design and compilation on Chinese workbooks
Authors: 林振興
Lin, Jen-Shing
Wang, Shang-Jia
Keywords: 華語教學
Teaching Chinese as a second language
Teaching materials
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究選擇兩岸較大型且普遍使用的華語教材─臺灣的《新版實用視聽華語》和《遠東生活華語》,以及大陸的《新實用漢語課本》作為研究對象。作為教材的依附,三套教材的練習本編寫是否符合可以契合教材,並分析整理出未來編寫練習本時,應該遵循的編寫原則與編寫依據。 本文以ACTFL作為探討練習本的語言能力指標,從聽、說、讀、寫四項技能的語言能力指標,檢視這三套教材的練習本編寫是否符合語言能力指標。本文分為縱向分析及橫向對比,先縱向分析同一套教材,不同冊的練習編寫在題型內容、數量和難度上有何不同。再者,橫向對比三套教材的練習本有何異同,並且從中歸納整理出編寫練習本的練習題型應如何編寫。希望透過本文,拓展研究華語教材的領域,不再只有侷限教材本身,更可以重視研究練習本編寫的必要性與重要性。
The research chooses the widely used Chinese textbooks in Taiwan and China, which are “Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 2nd Edition ”, “Far East Everyday Chinese” and “New Practical Chinese Reader”. As the attachment of teaching materials, those compilation of exercise books should depend on textbooks, and analyze the principles of compiling. The compiling of principles that should be followed when writing the exercises. In this papers, ACTFL is used as the language proficiency index to explore the exercise books. Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are the norm to check the three sets of textbooks exercise the preparation of language proficiency is in line with indicators. This paper is divided into longitudinal analysis and horizontal comparison, the first vertical analysis of the same set of materials, different books in the exercise content of the content of the title, quantity and difficulty of the difference. Moreover, the horizontal comparison of the three sets of textbook exercises similarities and differences. And from this to prepare the exercises should be written. Through this article, I hope it can expand the field of Chinese textbooks, not only pay attention to the limited textbook itself, but the study of the necessity and importance of the preparation of exercise.
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