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Title: 華語線上互動新手教師提問研究
A Study of Novice Teachers' Questioning in Online Interaction
Authors: 曾金金
Tseng, Chin-Chin
Lin, Yu-Chien
Keywords: 華語教學
Chinese teaching
Teacher questioning
online interaction
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 教師提問是教學過程中不可或缺的一個環節,同時也是展開師生互動的第一步。它不僅給學生產出語言提供了機會,也能啟發學生思考。不同提問的方式、不同質量的提問、或者不同提問的類型與形式,對學生的學習效果和參與課堂的積極性都有著相當程度的影響。如果教師提問不恰當,可能會導致學生失去參與課堂的興趣,大大降低課堂教學的效率。有鑒於教師提問在課堂教學中的重要性,本論文以實際課堂教學為主軸,並針對五位華語教師在線上互動中的提問進行了深入研究與探討,以探討提問與教學之間的關係與其運用方式對於教學成效的重要性與影響。 本研究透過線上教學影片觀察五位新手教師提問的類型、提問的形式、以及提問後給予學生的反饋等方面作了統計與分析。依研究結果顯示:一、教師最常使用的問題類型是知識性問題,而較少使用推理性問題;二、在問題形式上,教師大量使用特指問句,而較少使用選擇問句;三、在反饋方式上,教師對學生採取了簡單積極反饋,以表揚為主。同時教師也會給予兩種不同類型的反饋,最常使用的是簡單積極反饋加重複。本研究同時也採用線上問卷調查方式,以華語教師與國立台灣師範大學之研究生作為研究對象,並請該對象評估五位新手教師提問成效。從提問有效性問卷中的結果顯示新手教師提問較偏向於無效,其影響無效的原因包括缺乏經驗與實務訓練、本身對語言的知識不足等問題。最後本研究依據研究結果提出一些結論供華語教師以及師資培育機構作為參考。
Teachers’ question is an essential part of classroom discourse and is also the first step to develop the interaction between teachers and students. Teacher’s questioning does not only help to elicit student’s language output, but also stimulate student’s thinking and learning. Different types of questions and different ways of asking questions has important implications on the effect of students’ enthusiasm in learning and participating in class. If a teacher utilize question ineffectively, students will not be interested in learning and may become less motivated to participate in class. Therefore, teachers’ questioning play an important role in classroom and it is a matter worthy of academic attention. In this study, a Chinese as a second language teacher’s questions were classified. The data was collected through observation of five novice teacher’s questioning in synchronous distance instruction. Three aspects of teachers’ questioning including question types, question form, and feedback was analyzed. After analyzing the obtained data, it was found that knowledge question, among different question types, was the the most frequently posed questions, and inference question is the least frequently used question type. As for teachers’ questioning form, the most frequently used is wh-questions and the least frequently used is disjoined questions. Last, it was found that positive feedback such as praise is the main feedback form of teachers. Teachers would also give more than one form of feedback and the most frequently used is praise and repetition. Furthermore, the data was also collected through questionnaire. The questionnaire is tended for Chinese language teachers and graduate students who major in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language as a means to provide feedback regarding to the five teacher’s questioning in online teaching. The questionnaire was calculated to evaluate the effectiveness of teacher’s questioning and the feedback was analyzed using descriptive narratives. The result of the questionnaire shows that the teachers’ questionings are mostly ineffective due to a lack of experience in questioning, teachers’ knowledge appears to be insufficient, etc. Finally, the result of this study proposes a conclusion and provide some suggestions to teacher’s questioning.
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