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Title: 詞彙出現頻率及句子限制性對華語內隱詞彙學習的影響
The effects of repetition and sentential constraint on implicit vocabulary learning
Authors: 陳振宇
Chen, Jenn-Yeu
Tu, Chao-Mei
Weng, Jia-Ling
Keywords: 內隱學習
implicit learning
word learning
vocabulary learning
sentential constraint
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 透過實驗,筆者研究詞彙出現頻率及句子限制性對內隱詞彙學習的影響,句子限制性意旨句子給予特定詞彙的語義提示程度。實驗對象為在臺灣學習華語的外籍生,華語程度為中級。實驗利用電腦及實驗設計軟體為媒介給予受試者閱讀材料,受試者閱讀過程中並不知道實驗材料的安排設計,且沒有接受任何詞彙語意提示及指導。而實驗結果顯示,詞彙出現頻率及句子限制性對受試者內隱詞彙學習有顯著的影響。也就是說,詞彙出現越多次,學習者的內隱詞彙學習效果越佳;而在高限制句中出現的詞彙,其內隱學習效果越好。本研究亦提出幾點在華語教學上的應用或啟示,其一,語言材料中之生詞應盡量複現,鞏固學生學習效果;其二,生詞應放置於高限制句中呈現,促進學生語言習得。在本文最後,筆者嘗試將研究成果加以運用,試作了一篇閱讀教材,其中援用實驗材料之生詞及其高限制句,以幫助學習者閱讀時能有更佳的詞彙習得效果,盼能以此嘗試給予學者及教學者參考。
The research takes the frequency of vocabulary exposure and the sentential constraint as the independent variables and then takes the scores of a vocabulary test as the dependent variable. The participants in this experiment were learners of Chinese as a second language in Taiwan, and their Chinese ability was of intermediate level. After reading all the sentences, each participant was asked to take a vocabulary translation test which represented the result of one’s vocabulary acquisition. The showed that both dependent variables—frequency and sentence constraint had significant effects on implicit vocabulary learning. In other words, when learners had more frequent exposure to a vocabulary, the vocabulary could be acquired by learners more easily; when a vocabulary was displayed in high constraint sentences, it was more likely to be acquired by learners. The teaching implications of, or insight provided by, the results of the experiment are as follows. First, we should increase the frequency of vocabulary exposure in Chinese classes and Chinese teaching materials; secondly, we should place new words in high constraint sentences to help learner’s acquisition. This research also provides a reading material that includes the vocabularies and high constrain sentences used in the experiment as a reference for future research.
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