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Title: 華語偶像劇為內容之華語課程設計-以印尼籍中高級學習者為對象
Curriculum Design of Chinese Class based on Chinese Trendy Dramas for Intermediate-Advance Level of Indonesian Learners
Authors: 信世昌
Hsin, Shih-Chang
Keywords: 華語偶像劇
Curriculum Design
Chinese Teaching
Trendy Dramas
Intermediate Level
Advance Level
Indonesian Learner
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 1998年印尼華語教育復甦之後,偶然碰到「華流」的風潮使得印尼學習者學習華語的熱情高漲,但長期禁止使用中華文化帶來種種華文教育問題,因此本論文研究如何將華語偶像劇應用於華語課程,提升印尼籍中級與高級學習者的溝通能力。 本研究採用內容分析法、調查研究法與發展性研究法。歸納文獻探討,使用問卷、訪問以及觀察,加上師生的回饋與建議之後,提出該課程設計的原則,並為了證實活動之成效性而進行教學實施。 本論文設計華語偶像劇劇情搭配九個活動之課程,包括生詞狩獵、天空、消音、翻譯、說故事、討論、模仿、角色扮演以及寫日記。本研究提出,華語偶像劇具有幾個優點可以幫助提升印尼學習者的溝通能力,包括提供自然的語言環境與大量的語言輸入;透過較輕鬆的學習狀態讓學習過程更有效率;提供可重看之教材讓學習者隨時隨地學習。 另外,其內容也有缺點,比如偶像劇裡面的語言難度高於學習的程度、華語偶像劇為內容的課程提供豐富的文化與台灣社會的風俗習慣,難免會出現一些跨文化的問題以及偶像劇具有時間之限制,而教師在選可採用的偶像劇時必須考慮到的這些問題。最後,本研究亦提出偶像劇為內容之課程設計原則,一堂課分成兩節,第一節為訓練語言技能,而第二節則練習語言知識。
Since 1998, Indonesia’s Chinese education is revived which coincide with the rising of Chinese pop cultures and the increase of enthusiasm from Indonesian students in learning Chinese. Unfortunately, the restriction of Chinese culture in the past comes with various issues in Chinese education. This thesis is researching the application of trendy dramas in Chinese education to increase the communication skill of intermediate and advanced level of Indonesian students. This research is utilizing documents analysis, investigation analysis and developmental research method, and also gathering ideas from teachers and students. The data will then being used as a basis to design the class. Trial classes are held to test the effectivity of classes’ activities. This research has designed 9 activities combined with drama scenes. The activities are word hunter, fill in the blanks, mute the voice, storytelling, discussion, role player and write diary. This research propose that Chinese trendy dramas material could help to increase students’ communication skill by providing native language environment, massive input of language, a relaxed learning environment to increase learning effectivity and study materials which can be watch many times anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, the downside of this material namely the difficulty of the language used in dramas above its students’ ability, Taiwanese culture and traditions could lead to cross-culture issues, also every drama will lose its own popularity. Leading to the need of attentions from the teachers when they choose drama as the classes materials. Lastly, this research suggests the principle in designing curriculum of Chinese classes based on trendy dramas materials is to have a course with 2 sessions. First session is aimed to practice language skill, while the second session is aimed to teach language knowledge.
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