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Title: 網站論壇的建議行為中英對比:以保健主題為例
A Contrastive Analysis of the Speech Act of Advice on Chinese and English Internet Forums: A Case Study on Healthcare Subject
Authors: 謝佳玲
Lim, Man Yu
Keywords: 建議言語行為
speech act of advice
pragmatic strategies
Chinese-English contrastive analysis
online communication
Chinese teaching
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 「建議」是常見於人際互動的言語行為,於語用學領域日益受到重視。在網際網路盛行的全球化時代,網路溝通中的建議行為亦成為研究面向之一,然中英對比方面的研究尚嫌不足。本文聚焦於網站論壇此一網路平台,比較華語與英語建議之語用策略,同時探究文化價值與網路語境對建議的影響,以期結合網路科技與華語語用教學,為英語背景的華語學習者歸納出較為容易理解的建議模式。 本文從《Mobile01》與《City-Data》的保健主題論壇選取語言樣本,分析重點包括中心行為策略、輔助行為策略、內部修飾及序列結構,華語與英語這兩種不同的語言即為本文之研究變項。 研究結果顯示,華語及英語論壇參與者提出建議時均靈活運用多種策略,且形成複雜的策略排序,但兩種語言對不同的策略及內部修飾各有偏好。整體架構上,華語及英語建議均主要由一至兩種中心策略構成。華語建議傾向透過直接的中心策略實施;反之,英語採用的中心策略以間接類型佔較多數。儘管如此,兩個語言皆較常以中心行為起頭,輔助行為多置於文中或文末。而輔助策略的高度使用,足見網路建議者喜好藉此手段加強建議效果。除此之外,網站論壇的建議言談亦反映當今網路社會的語言風格。總體觀之,由於網路社會的溝通氛圍較為平等,故網站論壇的建議通常以開門見山的方式提出,但仍顯現文化背景之差異對網路溝通具有影響力。 最後,本文依據研究結果,以Google Classroom為教學工具,設計擬真網站論壇建議教學,引導學生因應華人文化與網路文化適當提出建議。
The speech act of advice is a common interpersonal communication which has received recent emphasis in the study of pragmatics. In global information age, the speech act ofadvice within internet communication has become a research trend, but contrastive studies between Chinese and English are not adequate. This research focuses on contrasting the pragmatic strategies of Chinese and English in offering advice on internet forums, while exploring the influence of cultural values and internet forum context on the speech act of advice, providing a summary on combining internet technology and Chinese pragmatics to make easy for Chinese learners with an English background the recommended models for understanding. This research gathered language samples on healthcare topics from the “Mobile01” and “City-Data” internet forums, then analyzed head act and supportive act, internal modifications and sequences structure between Chinese and English. The results shows that participants in Chinese and English forums both utilized a variety of strategies and forms complex sequences structure when giving advice, but the two languages present different preferences on selected strategies and internal modifications. Overall, the speech act of advice in both Chinese and English are mainly composed of one or two head acts, Chinese tending to implement direct head acts, and English tending to used indirect head acts more often. Nevertheless, both Chinese and English most often began with head acts, with supportive act located in between the middle and end of the text. The high frequency of supportive act shows that it is a major means of strengthening the advisory effect. Moreover, advising in internet forums reflects the current language style. Overall, because the communication environment between internet users is largely equal, users tend to present direct advising act, but that cultural backgrounds has a large influence on internet communication is still evident. Lastly, in accordance with the results of studies, this research uses Google Classroom as an intermediately teaching tool to design an authentic internet forum lesson in order to guide students to perform appropriate advising based on Chinese and internet culture.
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