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Title: IBDP中文A 語言與文學之課程個案研究
A Case Study of IBDP Chinese A Language and Literature
Authors: 蕭惠貞
Hsiao, Hui-Chen
Wu, Ying-Chen
Keywords: 國際學校
International School
Heritage Chinese Learners
Instructional Design
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本個案研究欲探討大學預科文憑課程IBDP中文A語言與文學課程中,語言類課程教材選取原則及內容為何,是否能有效提高學生學習動機和學習效果?透過文獻蒐集及前導研究後進行教學設計,確認其具體教學步驟並實施課程實驗,而後再依據實驗結果進行檢測,提出未來研究建議,希冀能為修讀IB課程的學生有所助益。 研究方法包括文獻探討,針對IBDP相關文獻進行研究。並從教材、教師訪談及學生問卷中進行前導研究,以設計出合適的教學設計,並於實際課堂中操作實驗,蒐集受試者的國家詞彙聯想前後測、兩份反思評論作業以及課後問卷回饋進行分析。 實驗結果顯示,受試者在教學設計後的國家概念聯想檢測、作業表現及問卷中皆呈現對於國家認知教學目標的理解。情意教學目標方面,受試者增加了對於母國的認同感,並加深對公民的意義的思考。然而,對於公民意識及同理不同政治體制人民的部分,仍有待修正加強。此外,成對樣本T檢定亦顯示了受試者理解分析的能力以及總分皆達到顯著差異,證實了受試者理解分析的技能因教學設計而提升。課程活動方面,實驗發現,建構式教學法有助於增加受試者的學習效果;以學生導向為中心的教學法以及於課程中融入多媒體教材能有效增進受試者的學習動機及效果。
The case study aim is to discuss the instructional design of the language courses in the subject of Chinese A Language and Literature of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The research questions are the principles and the content of the instruction, and if it can motivate the students of the case study and promote their learning outcomes. Through literature review and pilot research, the research is to confirm the teaching procedures, and then, implement the experiment. According to the results, the research will evaluate and discuss the outcomes and advise for the future research, hoping to benefit the students who choose this IB subject. The methods of the research are firstly literature review: dicussing the related researches. Secondly, by pilot research of the materials, interview of the experienced teachers and the student questionnaires, the research is to design the course and implement the experiment in the classroom. Then, analyze the outcomes from the pre-test and post-test of the word association, homework of text analysis and the questionnaire from the students. The results suggest that the students have gained the understanding of the cognitive instructional objectives. Regarding the affective objectives, the result has shown that the subjects have enhanced the identity of their mother country, and let them think deeper about the meaning of citizenship. However, for the civic consciousness and having sympathy toward others living in different conditions, the result shows that the instructional design can be further modified to improve this part. In addition, Paired Sample T-tests have shown that there are significant differences in the scores of combining understanding and analysis and the total result of the homework. Finally, in the perspective of teaching methods, the result has shown, constructivist teaching method has the benefit of learning outcomes of the subjects. The student-centered and technology-oriented teaching methods can motivate the subjects and enhance their learning outcomes.
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