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Title: 自學式商用華語示範教材設計-以拒絕和道謝為例
A Demonstrative Material Design of Self-access Business Chinese Learning: The Case of Declining and Expressing Gratitude
Authors: 蕭惠貞
Wu, Yu-Ying
Keywords: 商用華語
Business Chinese
Self-access material design
Communicative functions
Visual graphic teaching methodology
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本文旨在探討「自學式商用華語示範教材」之擬制及其使用效益。因應商務人士因時空限制,而無法參與一般正規課程的情況,欲發展商用教材供其自學。首先以文獻分析法蒐集相關的文獻,統整理論架構;其次,以調查研究法探查現有教材及目標使用者需求,進而編製教材主題大綱及單課體例;最後以準實驗研究法進行實驗,以驗證此教材之效應。 本示範教材主要特色為:(1)在商用情境中置入相應的交際功能;(2)提供正式與非正式語體,結合文化性語塊與定式供學習者學習;(3)為協助學習者在有限的時間內組織、整合所學知識,以「圖示」為呈現手段。考量訊息區塊化及訊息視覺化的概念,經過整理、設計的教學材料可引導學習者思考被選擇的資訊(Miller,1956;Levin,1981;Lohr,2008),而能體現教學內容的系統性和條理性,便於學習者融會貫通(王秀芬,2012)。依上述原則,將建構出「自學式商用華語示範教材」單課體例,並設計以「拒絕」及「道謝」為目標交際功能之單課教材範例,以英語為溝通語言之初中級學習者為受試者,進行教學實驗。 實驗結果發現:(1)在理解型測驗「拒絕」及「道謝」兩項交際功能項目上,平均分數由2.08提升至2.83,p=0.038461*;而產出型測驗「拒絕」交際功能項目上,平均分數由20.75提升至26.58,p=0.0032989**,兩類測驗後測成績皆比前測顯著進步。(2)拒絕功能次策略的使用頻次,由46筆提升至78筆;且目標語塊於後測的使用頻率為54.2%。顯示受試者閱讀完教材後能有效增進語言輸出的長度及豐富度。
The purpose of this study is to examine the design of "Self-access Business Chinese Communicative Learning Material" and its efficiency. Due to the restriction of time and space, business professionals may not be able to participate in ordinary curriculum; therefore, this study aims to develop self-access business Chinese learning material. Firstly, this study provided a literature-based theoretical framework upon business Chiness and self-access material, together with a principle framework of self-access business Chinese communicative learning, with the help of questionnaire analysis. In order to attest the effectiveness of the self-access material, a sample lesson based on the principles framework was designed for experiment. The main features of this material are the combinations of formulaic forms and cultural language chunks. It also provides formal and informal communicative functions in business situations. In addition, to facilitate the organization and integration of what the learners have learned in limited time, this material uses "visual graphic" to present the content. Complied a sample lesson on declining and expressing gratitude in accordance with the principle, a learning material trail experiment was implemented on pre-intermediate learners who can communicate in English. Statistics show that (1) the post-test scores are significantly better than the pre-test ones on both of the comprehensive test of declining and expressing gratitude(Mean: from 2.08 to 2.83;p=0.038461*)and the productive test of declining(Mean: from 20.75 to 26.58;p=0.0032989**). (2) The result shows that the frequency of sub-tactics of declining and target language chunks used by the participants after reading materials has significantly increased. In other words, self-access business Chinese learning material can effectively enhance the length and the abundance of output, which indicate the importance and the potentiality of related researches in the future.
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